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Become a Smarter, Stronger, and More Powerful Cyclist


Video Ride Library with 2 years, 10 seasons, 5 different progressions, and over 150 follow along videos


Why Cycle Moles?  

It’s a planned progression that works.

No more guessing about what to do or how hard to do it.  No more patchwork rides.  No need to go all out all of the time to get the best results.

Just follow this coached plan that has created the best sequence of rides to give you the biggest results. 

Each 8-week season has a specific focus to improve different aspects of your aerobic and anaerobic systems and muscular strength and endurance to help you become a Smarter, Stronger, More Powerful Cyclist.  

Since 2008, we've helped hundreds of cyclists in our program gain confidence in their skills and ability to conquer any ride outside.  

Cycle Moles is a unique training program that helps develop your athletic ability: 

1. Teaches you about best riding position for comfort 
2. Has a specific goal for each 8-week season; every class has a purpose
3. Helps you improve your power transfer to pedals through pedal stroke dynamics so you can ride with less wasted effort
4. Uses 5 Zone heart rate & perceived effort to coach you so you expend the right amount of effort at the right time 
5. Turns indoor cycling into productive training time 

So if you’re ready to finally train with a purpose instead of just spinning your wheels....

Here's how we'll help you get here:  

How it Works


We'll send you an email with all the information about how to login to the Mole Hole.  The Mole Hole is operated by the Cycle Moles parent company - Bellingham Training & Tennis Club.  Your BTTC Library will have the seasons in 2 years: 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. 


Open up one of the years, then choose your season, and start with "Week 1".  Each season has 8 weeks (except the "2020 Early Fall Mini-Season" is 4 weeks).  There are 2 rides per week and each week builds upon the last to make you smarter, stronger, and more powerful.

3. RIDE!

Use your own stationary bike or bike on a trainer to join the class.  You'll need a way to stream the videos with a phone, tablet, or computer. You'll want a water bottle and sweat towel and good air circulation with a fan or open window.  You'll feel SO GOOD as you complete each ride.  You can always repeat rides if you like.  For the best results, follow the order of classes week by week and ride at least 2X per week.

You Get Access to ALL of the Cycle Moles Seasons

Click each arrow to learn more about the season

Develop your aerobic engine so that you can Go and Go.  After this training, you may find that the simple things that tired you out are now much easier on the bike and in life. Zone 2 refers to "moderate" work in our 5 Zones in Heart Rate Training system.

  • Increases in interval length and maintain zone 2 – flat road and long inclines
  • Primary: Stamina, Muscular Endurance, Force 
  • Secondary: Anaerobic Endurance, Speed Skill, Power

We are working on your aerobic powerhouse in Low Zone 3 (hard work). The purpose here is to expand your endurance and ability to perform at a sustainable hard level of effort.

  • Increases in interval length and maintain low zone 3 with rolling to hilly rides (mostly in saddle)
  • Primary: Force, Muscular Endurance, Stamina
  • Secondary: Power, Speed Skill, Anaerobic

This is were we build power in the range that you can sustain for significant work efforts.  Intervals that simulate hills will give you confidence to climb and become King or Queen of the Hill!

  • Higher intensity training with hill work in zone 3
  • Primary: Power, Muscular Endurance, Stamina
  • Secondary: Force, Speed Skill, Anaerobic

Power, stamina and high Aerobic endurance.  We will push your high-end sustainable limits to increase your tolerance and improve recovery. 

  • Intervals at the top of Zone 3 and low Zone 4
  • Primary:  Speed Skills, Anaerobic Endurance, Stamina
  • Secondary: Power, Force, Muscle Endurance

There is a fine line between pushing the intensity limit and going too hard.  We will push that line so that you become capable of tolerating bursts of high level intensity with the ability to recover and not just drop out. 

  • Anaerobic intervals at 90-93% Max HR
  • Primary: Stamina, Anaerobic Endurance, Speed Skill
  • Secondary: Muscle Endurance, Force, Power

Here’s what you’re getting when you sign-up today:

The entire Cycle Moles Video Library with 2 years, 5 seasons per year, & over 150 ride videos with a specific focus each season.  ($2,432 Value) 

Bonus: The CORE 100 8-week progressive Core workouts with a focus on 5 core areas and 100 moves each week ($144 Value)

That's a total value of $2,576 

For just $19.99/mo. Sign me up!

Melissa A.

I come to Cycle Moles to improve my technique.  I've been an outdoor cyclist for over 20 years and I find that Cycle Moles has given me real and measurable differences and keeps me sane in the winter.

Sandi H.

Cycle Moles has helped my overall fitness to continue to improve with increased leg strength and cardiovascular fitness. I'm a long-distance runner and this program is the perfect fit for cross-training. Using the MYZONE has been extremely helpful as a tool in understanding heart rate, effort, and recovery.  Even though it is "hard work" we all have fun.  I'm extremely impressed with the instructors.  The thought and expertise that go into putting these programs together is impeccable.

Jeff R.

Cycle Moles has helped me to improve my cycling abilities and my overall health.  Now I can pretty much go on any ride I want to.  I don't worry about what hills are out there, how far it might be, or if I can complete it.  Now I just go and I do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for Cycle Moles

Cycle Moles is open to everyone who wants to become a smarter, stronger, more powerful cyclist, no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned racer.

The programming was developed in the same smart pattern as racer would do in order to develop skills for a summer season.

This means that if you hop on your bike in the summer, you will fly up the hills and feel super strong.

Do you have to be a "cyclist" to participate?  Nope.  We have many people who've joined Cycle Moles because they want to cross-train with a no impact, no weight bearing exercise (great for your knees!) or even are total newbies to cycling who just want a great training program in a supportive (not competitive) environment.

We've worked with cyclists from age 14 into their late 70's - each person gaining measurable results.  It's all about you and your potential.

Absolutely!  You are in control! As your coach, I will recommend what to do and keep an eye on your heart rate to make sure you are working in the right Zone. 

Of course, you are always in control of how hard you work.  If you need a little more rest, take some more rest!  

We meet 2X per week for class with a different ride for each class.  Each week we build on your accomplishments from the week before so you continually develop strength, bike smarts, stamina, and power.

The 5 Exertion Zones:

If you don't use a heart rate tracker, you'll use "Perceived Exertion" based on a 5 point scale:  1= Easy, 2= Moderate, 3= Hard, 4= Very Hard, 5= All Out.

YOU are the one to gauge how hard is hard for you.  We'll help you figure that out.

We use this same scale with our MYZONE Heart Rate Training. Wearing the MYZONE is not required, but it gives you accurate feedback about your effort and helps us to coach you better. We recommend MYZONE and have a special offer for you when you checkout.


Cycle Moles is not just a bunch of classes for a fitness workout.  It is a training program with a coached plan and progression. Its for someone who wants to make a serious change to your health and cycling ability.

Every class has a purpose and is linked to what we did before and what we will do next.  Each season has a plan so that you are expending the right amount of energy at the right time to develop stamina, power, force, muscle endurance, anaerobic tolerance, and speed.

Going hard all the time is not the smartest way to train.

We do not do anything on a bike that you wouldn't do outside.  This is for safety - the bike is your tool. Everything you do on a bike in Cycle Moles is a transferrable skill for your outdoor riding.  You'll find you can go longer with less effort, climb hills with power, and not only keep up with your friends, but lead the pack.

Cycle Moles will make you ready for all your outdoor adventures such as a ride with friends, long distance charity rides, cycle touring, and competitive events.  Train with a plan, train with a coach. 


You'll need

  • a stationary bike or a bicycle mounted to a trainer.
  • Water bottle or two filled with water! + a Sweat Towel
  • Pedals that secure your feet to the pedals - either toe cages or clip-in pedals
  • Access the live classes through the MYZONE App (free) if you have the MYZONE heart rate tracker system; or the ZOOM app (free) if you aren't using MYZONE
  • Email & password (you'll set up when you purchase Cycle Moles) to access the "Mole Hole" Library.

Don't sweat the details - once you are enrolled, we'll send you an email with the other small things you'll want (good ventilation, a towel, etc.)

MYZONE is the fitness tracker we use.  When you check out, you'll get an offer to buy MYZONE for just $99 (regular price $149).  Wearing the MYZONE while you ride during class will let me see your heart rate.  This is an important part of how we coach you.  When you watch a recorded video, you'll wear your MYZONE to monitor your own heart rate and effort to match what we do in class.

We design each class with interval training that makes the time fly by!  It's the right kind of hard work - not always going all out - but instead using sound training principles to improve develop different parts of your aerobic and anaerobic ability.  What does that mean?  Stamina baby!  

It is never boring since every class is different with a specific focus.  Each class is educational and uplifting so at the end you feel proud of your accomplishment.

1 hour of riding inside is roughly  equivalent to 90 minutes outside - that's because you don't have the interference of stop lights, traffic, dogs, weather, and no coasting down hills.  You earn every pedal stroke in Cycle Moles.


Cycle Moles Founder Robin Robertson has been a life-long cyclist.  Long before group training programs were around, she used to do her training rides on her bike in her creepy, dark, outside access basement in the wee hours of the morning.  Her husband would ask her..."are you going for a mole ride?"

Then one day, tired of those lonely training rides, Robin created the Cycle Moles program to bring together moles from all over. 

Did you know a group of moles is called a "Labour"?  Oh yes, we labour together and support each other along the way.

PS - You'll see the door to the original Mole Hole when you enter our private program area.

I'm so excited for you!

You'll get full access to our Cycle Moles Library with over 150 rides set into a progressive plan for each of the 5 seasons.  We recommend you ride the classes in order - they are designed to be a progression for you.

You'll stream the videos on your device while you ride - just follow along and do the best you can.


Heart Rate Threshold Assessments - you can complete yours and send your results to Cycle Moles for calculations.

Power Threshold Assessments 

PLUS the CORE 100 8-week progressive series to make your core strong. 

You'll get some other fun instructional videos as well.



Whether you dream of dominating hills (I do!) or just want to feel strong and ready for action, Cycle Moles will help you get there. 

I created the Cycle Moles progressive training plan to give purpose and results oriented focus to your indoor training.  No more random rides and erratic effort that burns you up.  Instead, we take full opportunity of indoor training to focus on technique, body position, interval training and skills to develop specific parts of your capabilities so that you emerge a smarter, stronger, more powerful cyclist. 

This program is for all ages. I've worked with cyclists as young as 14 and those well into their 70's - and each person had measurable improvements.  Many of our Moles keep coming back year after year for this solid training as their base for everything else.  The nice part? You don't have to worry about how hard to work - we have the pace of effort all planned for you in a periodized program so you work hard at the right times and recover at the right times to help you get stronger.

I'll see you in the Mole Hole!

~Robin Robertson

P.S. That's a picture of me in Chelan, Washington powering up a very steep climb!  I can do this because of my Cycle Moles training - and you can do it too!

Robin Robertson, CEM (Chief Executive Mole), developed this coached program out of her desire to make sense of how you train for racing, touring, and recreational riding events.  Her 30+years as a cyclist, experience as a road racer (1st place 2008, 2nd place 2009 Washington State Best All Around Road Racer, Masters), mt. bike racer (2009 Leadville 100 competitor), and avid adventure tourist (over 50,000 miles on a bike around the world), USA Cycling Coach and ACE certified personal trainer brings to you the best training plan to give smart focus to your indoor training rides.

You’re Ready to become a smarter, stronger, more powerful cyclist, if...

  • You want a sensible training program but don't know where to start.
  • You've tried indoor cycling before but felt like you were blowing up or just spinning your wheels.
  • You are ready and willing to do the work and want a program that take your performance to the next level
  • You are already putting in the time on your bike but don't seem to be making any progress.
  • You want to take your fear of hills and turn it into a strength: your friends will wonder what you did to get so strong.
  • You are ready to make the commitment to your own health and training and get fitter, not fatter before summer
  • Finally want to turn your bike training into success to become smarter (more efficient), stronger (massive endurance) and powerful (think king of the hill), and can hold your own or lead the pack...

If you said “yes” to at least 5 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside Cycle Moles


Cycle Moles - What's It About?

In this quick video, check out what our Moles say about Cycle Moles! You'll become SMARTER through bike fit, body position, and pedal techniques; STRONGER with training specific physiological systems, and more POWERFUL by putting it together in a plan.


Here’s what you’re getting when you sign-up today:

The entire Cycle Moles Video Library with 2 years, 5 seasons per year, & over 150 ride videos with a specific focus each season.  ($2,432 Value) 

Bonus: The CORE 100 8-week progressive Core workouts with a focus on 5 core areas and 100 moves each week ($144 Value)

That's a total value of $2,576 

For just $19.99/mo. Sign me up!

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