Who We Are

We are a family operated, professional training & tennis club to help you build Confidence today for your BEST tomorrow.

Confidence in your body.  Confidence in your performance.  Confidence in the way you move.

Your confidence may come in many forms:  getting stronger, improving agility and balance, losing weight, reducing pain, becoming a better tennis player, being surrounded by a caring community, and simply having more energy for all that you love in life.

We are your alternative to large, impersonal gyms and small single purpose studios.  You’ll experience world class fitness and tennis training programs and a modern, clean facility with top of the line equipment that gives you the flexibility to join a class, experience one-on-one training, or workout/play on your own.   We focus on relationships with our members, customer service that exceeds your expectations, with programs and education designed to help you get the most out of your time with us.  Simply said, we strive to be the BEST part of your day…every day.

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The club opened its doors in 1973 and Doug and Robin Robertson purchased the club in May, 2000.  We each bring a different perspective to create the environment and programs at the Club.  These ideas have played well into how the club has evolved from a sleepy tennis club to first-class training and tennis facility.


Robin’s Story

I know what it means to be a broken athlete, to live with chronic pain. 
I had my first knee surgery at age 13, but that didn’t stop me from becoming a competitive runner (cross-country and track) and downhill skier.

At age 24, I was shocked by the news that came with the results of my 2nd knee surgery: 
I had bone-on-bone advanced osteoarthritis and if I wanted to walk when I was 30, I needed to stop all impact sports immediately.  BOOM.

That news crushed my spirit as it abruptly ended my running career and final track season for Western Washington University.  I hung my head and hung up my shoes.  I shouldn’t have been surprised because I was in so much pain.  But what now?  What do you do when the daily essence of who you are – a runner – has been suddenly extinguished? 

You never give up.  You find a way, just a different way.  To take care of my knees I needed a non-impact activity… and so I picked up my bike, learned low-impact ways to stay fit, and have never looked back.

Now, somewhere over age 50, I log in with 10 surgeries on my knees.  I still have my own knees, not yet replaced, largely due to how I adapted to a new activity (cycling) and lifestyle (low impact functional fitness) to keep my knees –and the rest of me -working.  A few years back my surgeon told me that if it weren’t for cycling, I would have had to have my knees replaced at least a decade ago. I still have severe knee issues, but have found a way to live a healthy and fit life.  These challenges have shaped my life and are why I am so passionate about helping you to find the best way – for you with your own set of challenges- to stay healthy and fit as well.   

As we age, most of us will face some physical challenge, whether it’s recovering from an injury, learning how to move well even with joint challenges, or simply wanting to feel good in your own skin.  I am particularly aware of these concerns and so we have developed our fitness programs to bring you the best in the industry for low-impact, high benefit training.   Low impact doesn’t mean it’s easy, or it’s just for old people, it just means it’s smart and it’s safe and a great place to start.  Don’t worry, we will give you all the challenges you are ready for in order to continue to improve so that you can live your BEST life with CONFIDENCE.


Doug’s Story

Tennis was something special for me—it was what Dad and I shared. He started me off with a Jack Kramer racquet when I was about 9 or 10 and we would go hit against the wall at Brookside and then on real courts up at the high school. When a new tennis club opened up in south Everett, Dad joined us up (the 26th members to join the Everett Racquet Club).  We hit there just about every Sunday as I grew up and we would go hit there (or at the high school) every time I was home. 

We would “sneak” away on Christmas morning when I was home from college, work and grad school to hit before the “proceedings” (as he called Christmas) began.  Dad and I continued to play until the last few months of his life. When I started playing tennis he hit to me. At the end, I hit to him.  As he aged, he would take more time to “fix his shoe” or “blow his nose,” but he would still go after a point with his nasty backhand slice (and smile). Then we would talk about the med. school, the grand kids, my law practice or whatever.  Dad and I shared our lives on the court.

I learned so much about life talking over a tennis net. Not just from dad but from “my elders” (Floyd Lavine and so many others), friends, competitors and even ex-girlfriends (often key to what made them ex-). Every time I play, my game always needs improvement, but I still appreciate what I learn and share with others on the court.

Every club I have belonged to is a community that shares not only tennis but friendship and mutual support. Some better than others, certainly. But each is a valuable part of each member’s life.  So as I watched the Fairhaven Club “slip” in the latter 90’s (with threats of sale to be used as a gym) I wondered—how could the community survive without a tennis club (or how could I)?  When the opportunity appeared, Dad, Robin and I took a leap off a cliff to preserve tennis in Bellingham.  Don’t get me wrong, the financials had a lot to do with it. But we could have much more easily invested in apartments or commercial space. We did this because we love tennis.

That is what makes me (and Robin) so happy about our operation of the Club: we revel in the wonderful community that thrives here, we love watching and participating in the growth of the countless surly, quiet or reluctant “court kids” that grow up on the courts, and seeing dear friendships forged across the tennis net and on the fitness floor among all ages.

More important than a kick serve, a topspin forehand or a nasty backhand slice is tennis as a community.  That is what Robin and I strive to create. And thanks to our amazing members, we have the best tennis community anywhere!


From the both of us

It is our dream to help you live a more confident, healthier, and happier life through your activities and community at our Club.   When you feel confident in your body, you move better.   When you move better, you can do the all things that are important to you with more energy – be a better parent, worker, friend, keep up with your kids (or grandkids!), and enjoy all the adventures that life has to offer.

“You are never too old to chase your dreams”
– Diana Nyad, age 64, was 1st person ever to swim from Cuba to Florida (110 Miles).with no shark cage

Thank you for giving Bellingham Training and Tennis Club a chance to be a part of your lifestyle.  We welcome you to our club community and look forward to helping you feel CONFIDENT to live your BEST life.


Robin Robertson
B.S. in Environmental Science (w/honors)
Personal Trainer, Cycling Coach, Functional Aging Specialist
Author, Healthy Knees Cycling, Healthy & Fit Body

Doug Robertson
B.S. in Econ (w/Honors); J.D. (cum laude)