Adult 2 (NTRP 2.0 - 2.5)

This clinic is designed for the new player that has begun to learn to rally with some consistency and able to play a game. All the basic strokes will be covered along with basic strategy and game play. Drills, organized play, and personal instruction will get the new player ready to enjoy the game for a lifetime.



• Graduated from Adult 1, taken a Placement Lesson, or received recommendation from one of our Pros
• Rally with a Pro 10-20 balls
• Serve with some consistency
• Understand the positioning for singles and doubles
• Know how to play games and keep score for a whole match

PROGRESSION: To graduate from Adult 2 to Adult 3 the student must:

• Show the ability to hold a long rally (10-20 balls with peers) with ball placement
• Serve with consistency and with placement
• Hit with a variety of spins

Understand the basic strategies of both doubles and singles