AGES 8-11

Our Red Ball – Orange Ball – Green Ball – Tennis Clinics are about fitting tennis to kids based on age and physical size.   Any child between the ages of 5 to 11 can pick up a racquet and start playing tennis almost immediately and feel success!  To make it easier, we “kid-sized” it with smaller court sizes, lower net height, lighter racquet sizes, with a ball that ball bounces lower and slower.  We stress the importance of cooperation, camaraderie, self-esteem, discipline, and good sportsmanship so your kids develop just as many life skills as they will tennis skills.


Aces 1 Orange Ball (Beginners)

In our Aces 1 Orange Ball for beginners ages 8-11, we use shorter, 60 foot courts with regular nets so that students begin to get the feel and control on the tennis court.

PLUS we use the ORANGE BALL:

• Moves slower to allow for more time to learn proper technique
• Bounces lower for more control but a bit faster than the red ball
• For play on the 60' court – beginning court awareness
• Lighter weight for smaller kid-sized racquets (suggested size racquet head 23’ -25’)

In the Orange ball experience, the student begins to use spin, understand the court layout, increases ability to hit with movement, and more control.  

PREREQUISITE:  Age 8 – 11 years old with no experience.  For ages under 8, must first master the Aces 1 Red Ball clinic.

PROGRESSION:  To graduate from the orange ball to the green dot ball the student must:

• Rally of 10 to 20 balls with their peers
• Know how to keep score and know the singles and doubles lines
• Show competent racquet skills with a the proper grips
• Be able to serve on a 60’ court


Aces 2 Green Ball (Intermediate-Advanced)

In our Aces 2 Green Ball for intermediate to advanced ages 8-11, we use full sized courts with regular nets and the green ball.  

We use the GREEN BALL:

• Moves slower to allow time to learn proper technique
• Bounces lower than a regulation ball to let kids learn how to play with touch and volleys
• Lighter weight for smaller kid-sized racquets (23”-25”head size)

Aces 2 Green Ball students should have the ability to maintain a rally of 15 to 50 balls, have played a tennis match, and are able to place the ball with some success. We will continue to have fun working on drills to develop skills, placing the ball with different paces, and begin to develop singles and doubles strategy as well as reinforcing the foundation of the rules of tennis.

We emphasize good sportsmanship, proper court behavior, and the importance of positive self-talk with the competitive mindset.

PREREQUISITE:  Age 8 – 11 and mastered skills in Aces 1 Orange Ball.  If you are new to our Club, you must schedule a 30-minute placement tennis lesson to determine class placement for the intermediate and advanced clinics.

PROGRESSION:  To move into the Aces 4 Middle School Intermediate-Advanced group, the student must master the following:

• Serve with consistency
• Maintain a long rally of10 to 20 balls with their peers
• Understand and show the ability to use a variety of spins
•Know how to play games and keep score for a whole match

Students who are not yet proficient in these skills will move into the Aces 3 Middle School group when they reach the appropriate age.