And the Survey Says...

Remember the survey you filled out a little while ago?  And the focus groups you may have attended in March with our consultants? 

First of all, thank you.

Thank you for taking your time to tell us about what you love and what we could improve here at the Club.  We've listened, thought about it, made some plans and are ready to share that news with you.

Here are the most common concerns:

1) With all of these improvements, will our dues go up?

SHORT ANSWER:  NO, your rates are not going up for your current membership type.  For a limited time your friends can get in on your good deal because the rates WILL go up for new members (or if you want to switch membership types).  So, if you've been thinking about upgrading to the Silver Membership level so you can take advantage of unlimited access to our group training (including cardio tennis), now is the time and the best deal we will ever offer.

LONG ANSWER: "Always Improve" is one of our core values.
Over the last 5 years we have made significant investment to improve the following:

  • Resurfaced all 5 courts
  • Relined the walls & ceilings on the courts
  • Replaced the fluorescent lighting with high efficiency, low-energy LED lighting
  • Totally remodeled the lobby
  • Renovated the locker rooms (new, bigger lockers!)
  • Gutted and remodeled the fitness area, brought in 90% new equipment
  • AND our group training expansion...

With the extra value for you, the beautiful amenities, and an investment of over $1 Million dollars in renovations, you'd think we'd raise the rates.  BUT WE AREN'T.  In fact, you'll keep your current rate for your membership type AND you can invite your friends to join at these same rates - but the friends offer won't last long!  Our rates for new members ARE going up by about 20%, but current members (and your friends who join before this offer ends) will be grandfathered in to our old rates.  So if you are currently a "Bronze" level member, now is the smart time to upgrade to the "Silver" level so you can take advantage of unlimited FREE group training before that price rises.


2) What is happening with parking?  

SHORT ANSWER:  YES, angle-in parking will return once construction is finished.

LONG ANSWER: First of all, thank you for your patience with parking - I know adding more time to find a spot is no fun.  The additional walk to the Club...well, that's just good for you, really.  Doug and I are not required to rebuild the road, but we are because it is the right thing to do - and we are voluntarily adding a sidewalk right next to the building because we want to keep everybody safe!

  • McKenzie will become one way from 9th toward 8th
  • Parking will be angle in
  • We own the parking next to our building
  • The parking on the north side of the street is public

3) What is the addition for and who gets to use it?

SHORT ANSWER:  It's called the ZONE and will open JULY 1st!  The addition has space for Group Training ("the ZONE") and office (the "Outback").  All members will have access during "open gym" hours when there are no group training sessions.  Group Training is FREE with the Silver Level membership.

LONG ANSWER: We want to provide the very best in group training for you!  We strongly believe (and science supports this) that those who work with a Trainer experience higher benefits and faster improvements.  That's because we change the workouts to help you keep improving, watch your form to prevent injury, and give you the motivation and accountability to stick to it.'s fun with friends!

  • The ZONE will open July 1st and we hope you'll join us for our Member Celebration and  Champagne Opening!
  • Our new addition has about 2,000 sf for Group Training (led by an instructor) plus about 400 sf of expanded office space.
  • Our class formats and times will change in July - we are still working on the details!  We are bringing you more of what you've asked for - added stretching, recovery, foam rolling. 
  • You've asked for yoga...and we will offer the "TRX YOGA" training session.
  • Our "Ignite!" and "TRX" sessions are set at Level 1 (entry) and Level 2 (advanced) so you can choose your challenge. 
  • Our T-Con (Tennis Conditioning) sessions are part of our "Tennis Fit Formula" system - a 30-day program with the first one launching in June.  Pick up a flyer at the front desk to see how you can make a dramatic change to your tennis game in just 30 days.
  • Cardio Tennis is still included in our Group Training program - free if you are a Silver Member.
  • Why is there a fee for group training? (no additional fee with Silver level memberships) - that answer is easy - because we have instruction with talented, experienced professionals who plan each training, help you with form and modifications, and make our training sessions safe and fun.  We know that not everyone wants to participate in group training - that is why we offer 2 membership levels (Bronze = no group training, Silver = Unlimited access to group training).

4)  With all these new members, won't it get overcrowded? Lose our "home-y-ness"?

SHORT ANSWER:  NOPE!  We have lot's more space, a cap on tennis membership, and we will still do our best to make everyone who walks in our doors feel welcomed and appreciated.  Our Club family is important to how we operate; our core values include "Bring Care" and "Serve First" to mark the importance of taking care of you.


  • The current "STRONG" workout area will become less crowded - the large group training sessions will move into the ZONE.  We may still offer small group training (groups of 4-8) in the STRONG area.
  • We love our members and will continue to work hard to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated.
  • We have doubled our fitness space and expect to double our fitness memberships - that makes good business sense. 
  • With more space, we want a bustling thriving club and for you to share your Club with your friends!  We will have a Membership Referral Drive with fun prizes to up the ante.

We CAP our tennis membership at 450 Members.  Since we have the most generous private club reservation allowance in the northwest, we want you to get plenty of court time and so we cap our tennis memberships at 50 fewer than the USTA recommends.  We currently ONLY HAVE about 15 Tennis Memberships available - so now is the best time to invite your friends to the "grandfathered"rates deal before we hit our cap AND the rates go up!