Adult 1 (Beginner “Tennis 101”)

Are you ready to learn how to play tennis? Our experienced coaches will show you the basics so you have confidence when you hit the courts! This introductory course is a great way to start playing tennis so you learn good habits from tennis professionals and get playing right away.

You will learn good form, proper grips, how to score the game, with an introduction to the basic strokes (forehand, backhand, serves, volleys, and overheads.)

This clinic is specifically for those just starting tennis or haven't held a racquet for some time.

PREREQUISITE: All adults welcome, bring a smile!  No experience required.  Loaner racquets are available.

PROGRESSION:  To graduate from Adult 1 to Adult 2 the student must be able to:

• Rally with a pro 10-20 balls
• Serve with some consistency
• Understand the positioning for singles and doubles
• Know how to play games and keep score for a whole match