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Always Improve

Sep 07, 2021

I like September – to me it always seems like a new beginning. Probably harkening back to the first day of school with a new school outfit.

 In 5th grade I sported these groovy 1970’s patchwork shoes. I thought they were really cool (hey, it was the 70’s). But I digress…

Now, even as an adult, I still think of September as a fresh start. A return to routine from the relaxed days of summer, our own “RESET” button.

 This brings us to our theme this month of “Always Improve”. It is one of my personal values and one of the club’s core values.

 What is ONE THING that you want to improve on? We have four months left of 2021 so there is plenty of time to make progress. Here’s how to get started: 

  1. Write it down… “I want to improve ….”
  2. Figure out the 1st next step you need to do to begin making progress. Break down your steps into baby steps so that every day you can make a little bit of headway toward improvement.
  3. Keep going! Just keep figuring out the next step. Of course you can plan out all of the steps – but sometimes this just feels like too much to even get started. So take a baby step. This is especially good if you are trying to change a habit. Do 1 thing for a week or 2, then do the next thing for a week or 2, and so on, and pretty soon you’ll see the change.

 Remember, if you want something to change, you need to change something!

 If you want to go through a full exercise on improvement in 10 areas of your life, please download this sheet: The 10 Forms of Health & Wealth

 My 1 thing that I am going to work on for the rest of the year? Showing gratitude for one thing (big or small) every day and writing it down.

 I’d love to hear about your “1 thing” and give you any support I can along the way.