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Bringing Care 

Aug 24, 2021

Bringing Care is one of our Core Values at BTTC and such an important one.

 It is a big part of what we do and a major contributor to how my soul cup gets full.

 I love our Community and I love helping others and making your visit with us the best part of your day so you can go out into the world and Bring Care to the others in your life. It doesn't take much; a smile, a helping hand, reassurance to a friend, family member or coworker goes a long way.



It is also Live Grateful week and with that I want to thank all of you for being a great part of my day! I am so Grateful to work at BTTC and it is my honor to be able to Bring Care to you all!  



I am sorry I must miss this week at the Club but I planned a vacation with my family, in fact right now I am sitting in my Sprinter van in Grahm, WA on my families 80-acre farm. The sun is shining and in the distance I can hear the chickens crowing and the cows mooing.


The Lama does make noise, but I don't know how to describe it and I can't hear her right now. She is adorable though and her name is Licorice.


Later today I will work with my family and some friends to help my parents, feed the bees, yes, a bee suit will be put on, weed the garden, and do some general clean up on the Farm.


My parents are almost 80 years old and although they will be right by our sides, they do need help and care. It makes me happier than I can possibly describe to be able to Bring Care to them while being with them. 



You too, should take time out, relax, find peace, go on an adventure, spend time with friends or family, exercise, play tennis (I can't wait to play tennis again and it's only been 2 days). For me it is all those things and more. 


See you back at the Club on Monday Aug 30th.


Remember to Bring Care to yourself and others, it feels good!