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Do you have a New Year’s Resolution?

Jan 09, 2023

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution?


One of the most popular new year’s resolutions is to “get in shape” – but it is also one of the most “challenging”.  


This resolution often fails because of unrealistic expectations, a lack of a plan, giving up once you hit a roadblock, lack the support you need, or simply too much pressure on yourself.


If “get in shape” is your resolution, we have a program to help you succeed and have fun along the way with a 60-Day Transformation Challenge. This program is specially designed to give you the support and guidance you need to lose fat and shape-up to look and feel your best.


The Challenge is designed to help you establish good habits, lose body fat and inches, and get smarter about exercise and includes full access to the open gyms and group training classes.


The kick-off is on the weekend of February 4 & 5 with an initial one-on-one consultation with weigh and measure. The weigh & measure is optional, but if you are serious about losing fat and inches, then you’ll want to record your baseline so you can measure your results in 60 days. Don’t worry, none of that information is shared with anyone, but you’ll earn points for inches lost, body fat lost, and pounds lost.


There are over 30 Group Training classes each week to choose from such as Performance (strength training), Body Conditioning, TRX, Yoga, HIIT, and RIDE (indoor cycling). It also includes 2 different workouts to follow if you want to come in and do your own thing and have online videos and materials.


You’ll earn points for each time you come to the club, each different class you try, for completing the 3 weigh & measure, losing body fat, pounds, inches. In addition, there are big prizes for the winners:



One YEAR Training Fitness Membership (Value $1,476 value)+ 3 60 Minute Personal Training Sessions + $150 Gift Certificate to the Chrysalis to pamper yourself


2nd Place (2):

1 60-Minute Personal Training Session + $100 Gift Certificate to the Chrysalis


3rd Place (3):

1 30-Minute Personal Training Session + $50 Gift Certificate to the Chrysalis


There is also a challenge within a challenge to keep you inspired along the way by earning MYZONE Effort Points. 


MYZONE is a heart rate training system that makes it fun to work just a little harder and is a great way to track your workout efforts. Every workout earns points, and each week is a drawing for a $50 Gift Certificate to the Club or the Chrysalis for everyone who earns 300 or more points.


Participants can purchase a MYZONE with a $50 discount.


See the flyer and link below for more details.


Happy New Year!