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"…find that phosphorescence, that light within..." Emily Dickinson

Nov 09, 2021

This came from a little fortune card Robin gave me so I thought I would let these words inspire me for this newsletter.


I was thinking with the shorter darker days ahead of us it would help if we strove to let that light within us glow and try to make our days a bit cheerier.


Here is a list of thoughts that I hope will make my days shine and at the same time help others have brighter days. Here it goes:


·     I will start off each day being thankful for all that is ahead for me

·     I will try to make one positive comment every day to all my family members, friends, fellow employees, and clients

·     I will write a letter to a friend once a week to let them know I am thinking of them

·     I will listen to more music rather than watch TV (music makes me feel good).

·     I will make a mental list of all that was good about my day before I go to sleep 


We all have a light within us. If we let our light shine, I believe it will help others find their light.


We need each other.


We need to be nicer to each other. Shine your light on somebody you care about today.




Enjoy a bit of Rolling Stones: Shine A Light