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Giving Back...

Nov 25, 2021

Giving back is a great feeling, we all know that. But what does it take to really give back to your community? Not much, a little time and a desire to do something bigger than yourself.


I remember sitting in a meeting which was all about becoming a Committee member for the Arthritis Foundation and taking on the challenge of building the biggest team and raising the most money.


The questions from other candidates were all about time and money. I hadn’t really thought about any of that coming into the meeting. I was flattered they had asked me to possibly be a part of the Committee.


Now listening to all these questions, I started getting nervous. What about time and money? How much time? How much money? I thought I was supposed to be thinking of helping not worrying about time and money but here I was now worried.


As the meeting progressed and I listened intently about the Jingle Bell Run/Walk and other Event planning for the Arthritis Foundation and what they do for the community, I thought…sign me up and yes, it can be a bit time consuming and some of the “board” meetings are a little bit boring and yes, I give money but wow, what an experience and my sense of community skyrockets as we all work tirelessly on community outreach, fundraising and events.


I have been volunteering for over 20 years for both the YWCA and the Arthritis Foundation and I am so proud to be a part of these communities, volunteering my time and giving back to fantastic causes.


The Committee starts preparing in July for the Jingle Bell Run that is on Dec 11th Here is the LINK for all the fun and festivities.


I really hope you will join our Team, make the time, and give to a great organization which helps millions of people have better healthier lives! If you have any questions or need help signing up email me at [email protected]


I met Robin about 4.5 years ago at an Arthritis Foundation Fundraiser. She has had a Robin’s Reindeer Team for many years and has been a Sponsor of the JBR. I am happy to say we are still going strong. We are kicking off on Dec 1st at Stones Throw for a fun night of Robin’s ReinBEER. (SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS)


If you ever get asked to volunteer, put away the idea of not enough time or too much money and go for it. You will feel what I feel, an overwhelming sense of joy, satisfaction, and sense of community.

I can’t wait to Jingle with you,