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Happy Fall Everyone

Sep 13, 2022

One of our Core Values is always improve! That is an effective way to get up each day and think how I can make it better than yesterday. Since we are all in various times of our lives, I believe we should approach each day with a sense of purpose. This keeps us engaged and hopefully willing to continue to make each day a wonderful day.


There are some things that can help us improve our tennis game and one is find the racket that fits you best. The industry has so many options that it is hard to really determine which racket is best for you. After a couple of years of supply chain issues, we finally have new rackets available in our demo club that could have influence in your feel for the game.


Here is a quick description of the style of rackets we have available:


Power Rackets:

The Wilson Clash 108 V2 and the Ultra 108 V4:

These rackets are typically having a larger head size and are for the player with a shorter slower swing. These are also excellent for those that like to volley.



Tweener Rackets:

Wilson Clash 100 V4, Clash 100 lite V4, Clash 100 UL V4; Ultra 100 Lite; Blade 100 Lite:

This is the most popular style of racket, and it fits in between the power racket and player’s racket. These rackets are typically a bit smaller in head size and fits in the bit lighter weight and yet provides some of the pop of the power rackets.



Players Rackets:

Wilson Clash 100 Pro; Blade 98 (both 16x19 and 18x 20), Ultra 100

These rackets are lighter than the older traditional players racket and offer the ability to provide power along with more topspin potential. These rackets are good for the more aggressive ground stroke style of play.



Traditional Players Racket:

Wilson Pro Staff 98

These rackets are usually a bit smaller in head size and are heavier. The player provides the power, and the lighter smaller head helps with maneuverability and control. The playing pro or high-level college player typically use this racket.


Our Demo Program:

The beginning of the fall season is a perfect time to try out our new rackets and raise your game to another level. The Demo Club is only $25 for a month of testing these rackets.