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Happy Spring...

May 17, 2022


Happy Spring...


I hope everyone is looking forward to longer and sunnier days ahead.


As we move towards warmer weather, everyone can find some time to get outside. The sun is restorative, and good for the soul. Bonus if you can find a reason to move outside as well! Even better.


I've mentioned previously that all movement is good. All movement counts! If it is in small increments, bursts, or longer sustained activity, it is all registered by your body as positive. Find opportunities to go outside for a 10 minute walk, play tennis on an outdoor court, have your morning coffee on the porch. Connecting with nature has been known to have major benefits to cardiovascular health. Exposure to the natural world helps reduce stress, something we can all use more of!


For a lot of us, reaching the weekly minimum recommendation for activity can seem overwhelming. 


According to the CDC, adults should aim for 150 minutes a week of moderate physical activity, as well as two strength focused workouts a week. 

Though these recommendations can feel lofty, there are ways to make your goals more palatable. 

Your activity does not need to be all at once, or for any specific amount of time!

Find ways to move your body in a meaningful and fun way. Trick yourself into strength training! It does not need to be a 16 week bodybuilding program for you to reap the benefits of resistance training. 


Benefits that include improved muscle strength and tone (which help protect your joints from injury), maintaining flexibility and balance (helping nurture independence as you age), and more muscle means increased caloric burn at rest! Strength training is absolutely essential to maintain a healthy body, able to do what you love to do. 


I urge you to be creative and challenge yourself to create new and fun ways to get in your daily and weekly recommended activity.


Try exercising outdoors, you might find it feels rejuvenating to have a sunny workout! If you need ideas to incorporate into your routine, or ways to tackle any challenges, I'm always happy to help as well. 


Let's embrace the changing seasons, and enjoy some time outside.