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Nov 22, 2022

I love it when someone remembers my name and says hello. There is something special about the connection we feel when we say hi, make eye contact, and smile. It is a great way to make others feel good and it improves our mood, too. Happy hormones are released when we connect, get that feeling of belonging and make contact with others.


The Member and Guest Service Assistants may see, greet, and talk to over 250 adults and children in a day. Yes, at times it can be tiring but mostly it is invigorating because we all like to serve people, make you happy, laugh, and feel good about your day.


“Serve First”, is one of our Club Core Values, by giving a warm and sincere greeting, using your name, and anticipating and fulfilling each of your needs we can all feel good while serving others.


Doing this without any expectations of getting anything in return, “Seva”, is a great way to feel more joy and happiness in life.


A quote from a great book by Shawn Anchor, “The Happiness Advantage” sums it up:


Each one of us is like that butterfly in the Butterfly Effect, each tiny move toward a more positive mindset can send ripples of positivity through our organizations, our families, and our communities.”


Thank you to all our Members and Guests for allowing us to Serve First, feel great about our day and hopefully make yours happier and healthier.


~Michelle Fry

Member and Guest Manager