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July in Bellingham

July in Bellingham really means the beginning of summer.

 So along with the celebrating of the birth of summer and our nation we can also celebrate that we are still able to be active and get to play tennis.

 Getting back in the form we were at can be a bit frustrating. This is normal and make sure that when you do return think of it as a re-start of where you are at now not what you were at when the world stopped around us.

 This brings me to the thought I have had these past years…am I going down-hill fast? Well, I could give into the minor aches and pains, but I would rather approach this dilemma with the belief that I can get better than I am now.

 If I judged my game on how I played when I was 21 years old, I would never want to pick up a racket. I prefer to look at each day as a chance to improve on me in the now (a little reference to Ram Dass). We all have roadblocks throughout our life and sometimes you need to step back, breathe, and ask yourself, “how can I make this better?”. 

 These are times where we can dwell on the heaviness all around us. I say if you are feeling a bit down find a friend to talk with or better yet play tennis with. Remember that you are fortunate to be out on the court and just tell yourself there is something I can improve on. My footwork, serve, mental game, etc.

 If you turn that down feeling into let us see how I can make now better, then you can possibly have a little rebirth every day. Each day brings us new opportunities! Today, tell yourself that I can make things better than they are now.


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