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Our Core Value: Serve First

Nov 10, 2022

One of our Core Values is “Serve First” and I have been feeling the strength of this Core Value this month.


The goal is to take care of our members, staff, and anyone participating in our programs. We as a team like to leave each day believing we instilled some joy, comfort, and confidence in the people we encountered throughout the day.


I can’t think of a better job than that being our goal. I get to come to work where people are generally happy to be and are looking to improve their day. If we don’t assist in someone achieving a better outlook on their day than those of us that encounter this failure, are disappointed in ourselves as well as having that feeling of letting down the team.

Speaking of team, I just want to give a shout out to all the tennis instructors. Here is a one sentence tribute to each one.


AnnElise Anderson:

Super smart, social, organized, fun, good sister, soon to be a new bride, wicked flat forehand, and my USTA liaison that saves me during tournaments.

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Cooper Anderson:

Our Head Pro! Workhorse, super chill, great tennis player, loves coaching, good brother, fun, beautiful all-around game, always looking to improve.

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Charl Grobler:

Master pro (in my book), loves to talk tennis, always helpful, extraordinary player, sent to us from the tennis gods. Charl was the Director of Tennis in Wenatchee for 35 years.

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Rachel Heinke:

Rachel was a tennis student here when she was 8, a scholarship high school recipient, top tennis player in the league during Covid (would have gone to State), great with the kids and adults in our clinics, huge serve, and so great to have her smiling face around here.


Zoe Jovanovich: Our newest certified pro, bubbly, fun, fast learner, sincere, wicked topspin forehand, loves to keep learning new ways to teach, great worker, and a fun conversationalist.

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TJ Tipton:

Fellow Husker, can talk tennis (and other sports) with anybody, easy going, loves instructing tennis, great 2-handed backhand, and a good friend.

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Colton Wise:

our newest member of the tennis staff, having fun teaching, working on his big serve, confident, cool under pressure, fantastic MAG, and also great with the kids.


There are many more great things I could say about this team but I just want you all to know that we strive to make sure we serve you the best tennis lessons, clinics, programs, and club activities possible and are not too snobby to receive advice.





Matt is amazingly supportive to his team as noted above. So, in the spirit of a much deserved shoutout...Matt is an amazing Tennis Director and Team Leader. I share an office space next to him so I can vouch that he cares for everyone (members and staff) both on the front and back of the court. He is a pleasure to work with.

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