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PLAY: A Life Lesson

Aug 24, 2022

We have a great season ahead of us, lots of NEW Group Fitness Classes, Cardio Tennis, and Fall Leagues sign-ups will soon be announced.

 What does that mean, it is time to have some fun and PLAY!

 Playing is good for you, it is a great way to laugh and have fun, while doing something active. In our Group Fitness classes you can get strong and balanced while you listen to great music, meet awesome people, and have a great time getting or staying fit. Have you ever tried a HIIT class? Well, you should! It is a fabulous way to spend 45 minutes with the ultimate results. Our NEW Ride Power and Ride Energy classes are also incredibly motivating and another wonderful way to Play.

 A memorable moment I have in my life that involves the life lesson of how important is to Play is when Logan, our son, was about 4 years old. We were sitting on the living room floor one morning playing with trains and cars and I was thinking, I should be the best parent in the world and plan a really cool activity that Logan will love and remember forever, (I am pretty sure we have all had that thought) so I asked him, “Logan, what would you like to do today?” And before I could give him any suggestions, he adorably looked up at me with his big blue eyes and simply said, “Play.”

 He wasn’t sitting there playing with his favorite cars and trains thinking about the future, wondering what else was going on, what was out there better then this, no, he was just playing; content and happy. And at that moment, I sat back, relaxed, and played with cars and trucks for hours and learned one of the biggest lessons of my life.

 Have fun, be in the moment and just PLAY.

 We all have our different ways of playing, for some of us it is exercise, tennis, hiking, biking, cooking, reading, tv, or hanging out with friends and family.

 Whatever it is for you, be in the moment, do it often and enjoy! It is good for your spirit, soul, mind, and body.