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Positive Change

Nov 17, 2021

The new year is coming, and with it comes the renewed vigor and motivation to make positive change that may have slipped to the wayside over the last few months.


Over years past, have you been consistently meeting your goals? If so, what things have helped lead you to that continued success? If not, what things have gotten in the way of you making headway on the things you want to see different in your life?


Before you go considering WHAT goals you would like to achieve, I would first spend time considering HOW you have achieved them in the past.


Identify common themes and trends. What worked and what didn’t? 


We all have certain habits and occurrences in our life that lend themselves towards our success or failure in all of our endeavors.  


Mapping those things out can be the difference between allowing those things to run rampant in your life, and you having them under control. The more under control you have them, the more you can serve yourself and those around you.