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Tyler-Add a Little Strength Training

Now, I may be a little bit bias, but I think that almost everyone could benefit from a little bit more strength. It helps to prevent osteoporosis and arthritis, is extremely important for mitigating injury, and is one of the most valuable and trainable metrics that influences our balance. Yes, that's right, strength work improves your balance. 

 We all know about how important heart health is, and because of this, aerobic exercise, but the significance of anaerobic training (strength work) is heavily understated. Out modern lifestyles do not keep us strong the way our ancestors were, and with that we see a lot of issues arise that limit people in their day to day. Strength work actually supports aerobic work, by helping to make you more efficient in the water, on the bike, or while running. 

 Additionally, aerobic work follows a pathway in the body that can actually lead to the breakdown of muscle tissue over time, so, more importantly than making you more efficient, strength work actually helps to ensure your longevity in an aerobic based sport or practice. Without it, you will ultimately start to lose strength. With the loss of strength comes the loss of balance, and flexibility, and with the loss of those two things, comes the loss of function.

 Most people think that strength work is dangerous, can lead to injury, or will make you "bulky". On the contrary, research actually shows that strength work is extremely safe, and works to actively mitigate injury. It is also highly recommended in any sort of weight loss journey, and with any aesthetic goals in general, as it promotes lean body mass (more muscle), which is what people mean when they say they "want to tone". The leaner body mass you have, the more calories you burn at rest, further helping with weight loss or weight maintenance.  

 Strength work is also not that fatiguing to the body as a whole, so for most people, they are able to train strength while in a caloric deficit, or while running or biking, as it won't take away from your main mode of activity. If strength work sounds like it could be of use to you in your life, please check out any of our strength circuit classes, or approach one of our trainers to chat about it a bit more!



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