Tennis Tip: Play hot with these warm ups

With the cold weather upon us it's a good time to start considering how we prepare for our tennis matches. 

First: before you hit the courts, do a little cardio. You can warm up on any number of our fitness cardio machines.

Next: make sure that you start with a short court rally (service line to service line). This light warm up will not only get some blood flowing but also give you a chance to start watching the ball early. 

Then: once you're warming up from the baseline, prepare early. This means standing sideways with your racquet back well before the ball bounces so you catch the ball out in front instead of close to your body. This will help prevent any tennis elbow and other cold-related injuries. 

Lastly: keep drinking water! Even if it's freezing out, your body still needs to stay hydrated to keep those muscles elastic. 

Happy Hitting!

Tennis Pro Griffin Wood

Tennis Pro Griffin Wood