Welcoming our Newest Members: November

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Richard Berg

Else Sokol

Lee Webb

Robert Naillon

Nicole Brown

Paula Wallberg

Samantha Wallberg

Roxanne Orr

Lilou Terry

Cathy Belben

Sarah Anderson

Stacey Medcalf

Gene McNatt

Reed Bernhard

Lauren Gordon

Nathan Brown

Becky Spithill

Charles Lecocq

Neil Sharkey

Maggie Sharkey

Erik Altmann

Mishi Campoverde

Merill Bevan

Pam Clifford

Anne Welsh

Tracy Carpenter

Michael Reams

Katie Jorgensen

Ann Macdonald

Dan Stahly


Karin Hamm

Galen Hirss

Ralph Fiorito

Delight Newlight

Kerrie Hague

As of November 15th, Tennis Memberships are wait list only! Call the front desk to be added. Fitness Members get first priority on the wait list.