What's Your 2018 Game Plan?

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What’s your GAME PLAN for 2018?

What’s your power-move going to be?

What’s going to be your game changer?

If you don’t want the upcoming year to be just the same ol’ thing, how are you going to make this year different?

I never want the new year to just be more of the same. This time of the year is so EXCITING to me! So INVIGORATING! I get so pumped up that I get to make a change, I get to be BETTER than the year before! I get to be more generous, I get to be more loving, and I get another chance to take advantage of more opportunities to help others.

Often though when I’m really excited to make a change, I go into it thinking something along the lines of, “I got this, this’ll be easy.”

…And then it’s not…

Without a plan to make the change happen, I often fail, revert back to my old way of doing things, and get bummed out that nothing’s different than before.

Has that ever happened to you, too?

Here’s what I often think about:

Was the change worth it? If it was, then why did I fail? What did I let – yes, let – get in the way?

What can I do differently NOW? What step can I take NOW to inch me closer to my goal?

How am I going to implement that action step into my day? When can I schedule this into my day to be sure that I will work on it?

Believe it or not, this happens to me all the time, even with exercise. I’ve been struggling especially lately with being consistent with my exercise. It’s been hard to get into a consistent routine and to have the motivation to follow through with it.

What I need is a priority-check: Is this important enough to make happen? Yes. So then I need to rearrange my list of things to do that day to include even just 15-30 minutes of intentional movement. I know I’ll feel better afterward: More energy, happier, more positive.

Regardless of what you’re shooting for in 2018, have a gameplan.

I’m not sure if you’ve been thinking of it yet, but I’d love to hear your goals and what you’re aiming to change this next year!