How to Meet More Tennis Match Players

Tennis Director  Matthew Iwersen

Tennis Director

Matthew Iwersen

January for me means Connections, especially on the court. A recent study on longevity found that tennis increased a person's life expectancy by nearly 10 years - the most of any sport! One of the big reasons for that was the social part of the game.

One of our big goals at BTTC is to ensure all our members enjoy their time on and off the court.

Here are just some of the ways we help you find social connections as a Tennis Member:

1. The Matchmaker Binder: Looking for new match partners? Check out the Matchmaker Binder, found on the counter in front of the stringing station. Find someone who's filled out their information and call them when you are looking for a game or new match partner! Some things to note:

It is organized by level of play so you can find players in your same level

It includes information on when you can play, so you can find players on the same schedule

It also asks for the kind of game you want to play, eg: Drilling, Singles, or Doubles, so you can find the perfect match!

2. Gameseeker on Club Automation: Looking for a game? Log in to your Club Automation Member Account and look for a court that day that says "Gameseeker." Or, you can book a court without a partner - just fill out "Gameseeker," and which level you'd like to play at (2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, or 4.5) and someone seeking a game can call the front desk and be added as your partner!

These reservations last in the system for 24 hours and then disappear, so keep an eye out for these courts each day, and help out a member that is looking to play by joining them that day!

3. Pro Match: When a new member joins, they get 5 pro matches, which means five different members can play with the new member without it counting as an advanced booking against their court reservations. To arrange a pro match, please see the front desk.

4. Leagues: By signing up for a league you can meet seven or more new potential match partners in the league with you. Leagues are fun doubles play and very social! We host leagues every 8 weeks and have sign up sheets on the bulletin boards. The next leagues start in March, so stay tuned!

5. USTA Leagues: These are member-organized, level-specific teams that play teams from other NW Washington clubs. Teams register through the USTA and there are matches at home and away in the Seattle area. Another fun way to meet new players!

6. Socials: Our club socials feature very loose round robin play and fun free food and beverages. This includes the Welcome Round Robins, the Club Anniversary Party, the Member Social, and more! We'll announce those around the Club and in the Tennis Newsletter, so check below for more information. (Like on our Welcome Round Robin this month, on 1/27! A great chance to meet new players!)

7. Survey Says!: The goal of the latest survey is to help Members get more playing time and meet more tennis friends and match partners! Please fill out your Tennis Member Survey, due tonight (and be entered to win a $50 gift card!) We will use your thoughts from the survey to help us organize even more tennis socials that will help you get more match play.

These are some of the ways that our tennis players can look for partners to play tennis with. We are more than open to more ideas on how we can help all tennis members enjoy the game and the social aspect of the club. Please fill out your survey, and send me your ideas any time at!