Introducing the BTTC Buddy Challenge!

Cycling Instructor Matt Vann

Cycling Instructor Matt Vann

What a better way to try something new and have some quality time with your friends than a challenge?

The new year is upon us and I want to challenge you to try something new or to do something that you haven't done in a while all while having the support of your friends.

That’s why I’ve started the 2019 BTTC Buddy Challenge

Here is how it works: Challenge one or more of your friends to do something with you that they have never done or haven't done in a while. Then all of you can go do it together. 

Some examples would be attending a group class, playing a tennis match, going for a walk/hike, or other fitness activities. 

When your friend accepts the challenge, then they challenges you back! 

I encourage you to make your challenge public, then share it on your social media with the hash tag: #BTTCBuddyChallenge. We will alternate featuring 1 member and 1 staff challenge in each newsletter this year.

To start it off, I challenged Robin to go on a Donut Ride with me again this summer (we haven't been on this ride in years), and in turn, Robin challenged me to learn the “Uptown Funk Ab Workout” with her! 

We will share a video when we complete each other’s challenges.

Now go challenge a friend(s) to something, and share it with us on your social media or our Facebook!