The Necessity of Accountability

Fitness Director Tyler Brown

Fitness Director Tyler Brown

So often, when I’m trying to do something better or when I set a goal, I just keep it to myself. I don’t tell anybody for whatever reason.

Maybe it’s my pride and fear of failure. What if I fail at the thing? Why would I want anyone else to know that I failed when I can keep it to myself?

Maybe it’s my insecurity. I don’t want others to know my goals – what if they think my goals are dumb?

Maybe I’m too comfortable. This change sounds nice, but when it comes to it, am I willing to put in the work? Not telling anyone means that no one will know that I’m not all-in.

 Never telling anybody else means at least two things:

 One, if I never tell anybody my goal, then I have no accountability. I’ll have no one to hold me to what I say, so who cares if I fail? Then, when the going gets tough, the lack of accountability means that I don’t have to get going. Who’s going to know?

 Two, if I never tell anybody my goal, I’m forsaking all opportunity to be encouraged and built-up in my pursuit. If I don’t tell anyone, no one will know, and I can’t expect encouragement or support in the thing – people can’t read minds – so I have to go it alone.

 My challenge to you is this:

 If you have a goal that truly matters to you, TELL SOMEONE.

 This will require you to do something scary: be vulnerable.

We hate this. I hate this.

But if you’re never weak, how can anyone offer to strengthen you?

If you never let others know you and what’s going on, how can you expect to ever be known?

And, if you’re never challenged, you’ll never grow.

We all NEED people to encourage us and to challenge us.

Instead of resting on our excuses why we didn’t do something, we need that loving push from another to do the thing we want to do. Love doesn’t say, “oh you gave up because it got hard, that’s okay!” Love says, “yeah it’s tough, it sucks right now, but keep pushing, the outcome is going to be worth it, and I’m here for you every step of the way.”

And, if someone is vulnerable enough to open up to you about what they’re struggling with and what they want to change or do, then love them in their pursuit.