We <3 Tennis!

Hi all,


During the month of Valentine's, "heart" is front and center. In my opinion, tennis has more heart than any other sport.

We start each tennis game at Love. We put our hearts into the game we are always striving to perfect. We play the game to keep ourselves fit and make sure our ticker keeps ticking. Some members and BTTC employees have found their true love on the courts. 

Here's how tennis can help us if we put our heart into our time on the court:

• Heart is emotion and we all understand we need to control our emotions while playing tennis.
• Heart is spirit. We all know we play better with a bit of inspired spirit.
• Hearts can be broken when you try so hard and still fall short when playing a match. This teaches us resilience.
• A strong heart allows us to overcome many obstacles in the heat of competition.
• A good heart lets us show kindness and compassion to our opponents and partners.
• A great heart gives love to all!

It is important to all of us at BTTC that you have a good experience here and we put our heart and soul into making your day the best it can be while we are here.

Thanks to all of you for helping make my heart soar every time I walk through our doors.