Club Championship Tournament & Chili Cookoff Results!

Club Championship Tennis Winners

Singles Divisions Champion Finalist

Men’s A’s Cooper Anderson Chris Stacy

Men’s B’s T.J. Liblik Jonathan White

Women’s Avery Zill Lyndsee Fleury

Doubles Divisons Champions Finalists

Mixed A’s Tim Anderson Kasey Bower

Ann Whitney Larry Guevara

Mixed B’s Dania Shmotolokha Jane Sloane

Paul Shmotolakha Tom Sloane

Mixed C’s Ethan Lynette Pat Campbell

Sasha Lynette David Jagoe

Men’s A’s Cooper Anderson Andy Schmidt

Griffin Wood Chris Stacy

Men’s B’s Colin Bornstein Sam Jacobsen

Kevin Faris Morgan Zill

Women’s Judy Anders Tianne Baker

Kasey Bower Suzzi Blair

Chili Cookoff Results!

1st Place: Jane Aburtyn's White Chili (Chili #1)

2nd Place: Mike Addison's Texas Chili (Chili #3)

3rd Place (Tie!): Eric Aburtyn's Cincinnati Chili (Chili #2) and Pat Campbell's Montana Chili (Chili #4)

The voting started at Noon and closed at 2 pm due to Chili #3 and #4 running out! This was so much fun and a great addition to Tournament Weekend! Everyone loved the variety and the effort from the participants!