Amping Up Your Afternoon Walk

Elizabeth Sheinkopf, ZONE & Ride Instructor

Elizabeth Sheinkopf, ZONE & Ride Instructor

It’s hard to believe at the moment, but spring is just around the corner. Many of us enjoy a leisurely walk through the neighborhood or park as soon as the weather improves. Here’s an easy way to transform your walk into a workout: incorporate some stair climbing!

Stairs are a great way to incorporate strength and cardio work. The Taylor Street stairs are close to the club, essentially on top of South Hill, near Western and Sehome High School. Your walk there is a bit of a hill climb in itself -- a great warm up.

Start by walking or jogging up the stairs a couple of times (don’t do too many all at once if it’s new to you!) and walking down to catch your breath. You could enhance the strength aspect of this workout by adding a set of push-ups or modified push-ups at the top of the stairs, and a set of bodyweight squats at the bottom.

After you finish your sets of stairs, take a minute to stretch your calves, legs and hips. Your calves might feel especially tight at first, so it’s important to give them some attention to avoid soreness: stand on a step, one foot on the step, the other heel hanging off the step. With most of your weight on the supporting leg, lower heel towards the ground (or step below). Find a stretch that you feel but isn’t painful. Hold 3-4 breaths. Repeat on other side.

 Happy Spring!