February Fitness Tip: Doing what you don't love can help you get stronger

Tyler Brown Headshot Functional Training Area.jpg

When we’re good at something, it’s so tempting to try and capitalize on that and only do that thing.

Let’s take a classic exercise example. You might be really good at bench press. You love bench pressing and do it all the time. Meanwhile, you ignore working on your back, because it’s hard, uncomfortable, and you often “forget” to do it. You don’t find rowing as fun as bench pressing.

With all that bench pressing, you sure are getting strong … but you’re not working on the opposing muscle group that helps to keep you stable and pain-free. That leads to rounded shoulder posture, lack of shoulder mobility, neck pain, and chronic back pain.

 But man, can you bench press!

This is a silly example of a greater principle: avoiding our weaknesses or things that are uncomfortable and hard can lead to unintended consequences.

It’s through confronting the hard, uncomfortable thing that we grow. If we avoid it, we’ll never get any better at it. That may sound obvious, but reflect: Do you avoid things because you’re not great at them? Do you avoid public speaking because you’re not good at it? How do you think you’d get better at it? You’d get better at it by doing it! Go and publicly speak!

Is exercise and movement uncomfortable? It’s not going to become more comfortable by sitting on the couch. You need to move! Eventually you’ll get better at it, and these things that were weaknesses for you will become strengths.

I’m not saying to never use your strengths. But just because you’re not good at something doesn’t always mean you should avoid it. It might mean that you simply need to practice it.

I used exercise as an example. If you’re in a place where movement is hard for you, or you just aren’t at the level you’d like to be at, our trainers are happy to help. Personal training allows you to work with a coach who meets you right where you are and guides you to where you want to go.

If you struggle with self-accountability, or nutrition, or you just have no idea where to start with changing your lifestyle, don’t give up and accept it, we have a great option for you – the Ignite Your Body Program. IYB includes nutrition information, help with being more self-accountable, access to all of our classes, and more. It’s designed to be a personalized kick start for your health journey.

Next time you run into something you’re not good at, don’t just brush it aside as something that you’re just not “supposed to do.” Rather, see it as a place where you need to grow. Musicians don’t only play pieces that they’re automatically good at. They practice and practice and practice until they are good at it.

Whatever that challenge is for you, we here at BTTC encourage you to face it head on! We are also happy to help support you. Find one of the trainers in the hall or after class for an extra boost.