From the Fitness Department: February Tips

Fitness Director Tyler Brown

Fitness Director Tyler Brown

In the month of heart, we are focused on doing things with (and for) yours.

This month, Roxanne and I talk about the importance of finding your “WHY” in what you do, and doing those things with all your heart.

The fitness tip this month is about improving through pressing into your weaknesses. So many of us rely only on our strengths and never work to develop our weaknesses into strengths, to our detriment. Instead of merely relying on what we’re good at, we need to lean into what we aren’t great at, and practice it over and over so that we get more comfortable with it.

Rhod is going to share with you how to strengthen the most important muscle in your body…your heart! And, in her last tip as a trainer with BTTC, Kendyl has some great stretches to share with you that will help you to “open up” your heart!

Kendyl’s last day with us is Friday, March 1, before she leaves to pursue a graduate degree. Her energy and awesome instructing will be dearly missed! Be sure to send her well wishes for her next adventure when you see her this week.

To wrap things up this month, Elizabeth shares a great way to get your heart pumping by turning your walk into a workout!

 If there’s anything we can do to help you with your fitness, please email me at, or find one of the trainers in the halls or before or after class.

Thank you for being our incredible members! We truly love you and love what we do because of each of you.