Get to the Heart of Your 'Why'

ZONE Instructor Roxanne Sailors

ZONE Instructor Roxanne Sailors

By February, many people have forgotten what made them set New Year’s goals and plans that seemed like a great idea - then.

Now is a great time to think about ‘putting your heart into it’ – whatever ‘it’ is. Some of you are here at BTTC with specific fitness goals, and some simply understand that joining a gym, taking classes, and/or getting out on the court is ‘a good idea’.

IT IS! But our reasons for sticking with our movement practice can get lost in the ‘shoulds’, the comparisons and the busy-ness of life, especially when we forget why we wanted to do ‘it’ in the first place.

So, let’s get to the heart of why you are here. Take a moment to sit and really consider: Why do you want to be here at BTTC? Maybe it’s for camaraderie. Support. Fun. To improve your tennis game. To improve your cycling skills and/or heart’s efficiency. To increase your range of motion. To practice more consistent balance. To gain strength and power.

Now let’s take that a step further - and here’s where I’ll challenge you to give your brain a break and drop into your heart. Really feel the answer to this next question:

 If you had ‘that’ (your ‘Why’), what would that give you in your life?

 What would a better tennis game give you? What would become possible if you had the camaraderie and support of a group class? This may take you a minute. Don’t rush it. Maybe talk it over with a friend or family member who understands you and can let you explore some ideas, or consider hiring a lifestyle coach to support you. What is your heart’s desire? What kind of abundant and vibrant life are you creating by showing up here at BTTC to practice moving your body?

 When we drop into our heart and really visualize the life we want, our dreams start to take shape. We can start to see ourselves in that place and those dreams become possible. This kind of exploration where we create a vision of our future as if it’s already happened is a very powerful tool. Professional athletes use this method all the time. In fact, Novak Djokovic wrote about it in a book! Djokovic uses this method off the court, too. In an interview mentioned in Psychology Today, Djokovic said,

 “Visualization is a big part of everybody's life, not just athletes. I strongly believe in visualization. I believe that there is a law of attraction: You get the things that you produce in your thoughts. Life just works that way.”

Click here to read more about the interview & get a helpful visualization practice.

 When you get to the heart of what you want, it becomes easier to do what it takes to show up for every workout, every match, every class, even when life gets busy. So, take some time to get to the heart of your ‘Why’. Write it down. Put it on your bathroom mirror or make a meme and save it as your phone’s background screen.

Whatever your ‘Why’ is, keep checking back with it to re-inspire you to keep making your dreams a reality.