You've read the book ... now do the workout!

Whatcom Reads Selection 2019: The Big Burn

Whatcom Reads Selection 2019: The Big Burn

This year’s Whatcom Reads book is The Big Burn, by Timothy Egan. You’ve seen the posters and hopefully read the book.

If you haven’t: it’s all about the creation of the National Forests, as well as the brave firefighters who fought the nation’s largest wild fire.

Firefighting involves incredible physical fitness. They fight heat, smoke, strong winds, uphill climbs with 100-pound packs, and spend up to 16 hours a day digging trenches and use axes to cut down brush. In the Big Burn, all this was in its infancy - in the hope of stopping a 2,000-degree fire that grew to the size of Connecticut in one weekend. These men confronted amazing challenges, in the hopes of saving thousands of people in the area; just like wildland and community fire fighters around the nation do each year.

In honor of them, we’ve created a “Big Burn” workout, to help give you an idea of just the kind of physical feats the characters in the book faced.

The Big Burn Workout

Start with a light, 5-minute warm up on the bike or treadmill

  • 15/side resistance band “Wood Chops” (put band through a low TRX anchor, pull high on the diagonal)

  • 20 TRX Low Rows, or 10 TRX Inverted Rows

  • Kettlebell Farmers Carry to Battle Ropes, 30 second Battle Rope waves x3 (30 second rest between sets)

  • 10 - 15 pushups of your choice

*Complete 3 Rounds of the above

  • End with 15 minutes on the stair stepper, for your final Big Burn!

And be sure to see author Tim Egan when he visits Whatcom for the Whatcom Reads events of March 9/10!