BTTC Men's 4.0 USTA League Team Heading to the Playoffs This Weekend!

The BTTC Men’s 4.0 USTA league team led by Captain Pat “the Savvy Stringer” Balfour eked out a win in their league play and are the #1 seed in this weekend’s NW Washington USTA League Playoffs!

The team had a 6-2 record along with 2 other teams but took the league crown by having 2 more match victories than the 2nd place team. This really shows that every point, every game, and every set makes a difference!

The team members are:

Jon Abbott, Rick Adelstein, Pat Balfour, David Benson, Merill Bevan, Jeff Butcher, Loren Davis, Steve Ershig, Lary Guevara, Frank Repanich, Chris Rink, Paul Shmotolokha, and TJ Tipton.

When you see them in the halls or on the court, send them best of luck for this coming weekend’s tournament!