March Fitness Tip: RELAX!

BTTC Fitness Director Tyler Brown

BTTC Fitness Director Tyler Brown

Focus on these three things next time you’re running, walking, on the elliptical, or doing another form of cardio, and you’ll ensure your joints aren’t just getting pounded, risking pain and even injury.

Instead, do this and your muscles will do the work, and you’ll be stable, you’ll feel strong, and you’ll better resist injury.

While you’re doing cardio, remember to drop and relax your shoulders, keep your core engaged and make sure your glutes are working.

If your shoulders hike up, you start breathing more shallowly, impairing the amount of oxygen you can get to your muscles.

Keeping your core engaged and making sure your glutes are working will protect your back and knees, making sure that you are stable and avoid aches and pains. Often, back pain occurs because our core musculature is turned off, allowing our low backs to arch and be hyper-mobile, and knee pain often happens because our knees collapse inward.

It’ll be hard at first and will take conscious effort, but put in the work and you will definitely reap the reward.