Get Better Data & Better Workout Results with MyZone!

Fitness Director Tyler Brown

Fitness Director Tyler Brown

There are plenty of heart rate trackers out there. Heart rate tracking is a great fitness tool. It helps you be accountable and reach your goals quicker, by letting you know where you are starting from, when to push, and when to recover.

And nothing is more important than your health. That’s why you deserve the best, most accurate data.

Here at the Club, we’ve tried many of the trackers out there. By far, we love MyZone and chose it as our official heart rate system.

Here’s why:


An EKG like you’d find in a medical office is the gold-standard for heart monitoring. The #1 reason we love MyZone is that it is 99.4% accurate to what the EKG would show you. That is amazing!

To further underline this, studies, including by the American College of Cardiology, have found that wrist devices are much less reliable than chest straps like the MyZone.

This incredible accuracy means you can trust that you’re getting the right data - so you’re not risking burnout, or going too slow so your work toward your fitness goals starts lagging, or stagnating! <- These are the two top reasons we hear for why people give up on their fitness routine. We don’t want that for you!

Ease of Use

Here’s another reason we love the MyZone: while many systems tell you what heart rate zone you’re in, MyZone makes it so obvious and easy to understand with just a glance - and no math! They use these colors to show what zone you’re working in:

MyZone Chart.png

Immediate feedback is great. You want to make sure that you’re working hard enough, and the visual is great for that. If you want to be in the yellow zone, but notice you’re only in the blue, then you know that you have to pick it up a bit!

On the other hand, if you’re doing intervals, you’d want to make sure that your heart rate is decreasing sufficiently on the rest intervals before your next tough one. MyZone makes it easy to do that too – if your goal is to get up in the high 80th percentile on your tough intervals, and you want to recover at least to the 70s on your recovery intervals, it’s easy to see if you’re doing that or not.

The best part about all of this is that you don’t have to calculate anything. Instead of looking down at your watch and seeing 131bpm and having no idea what that means, MyZone calculates all of your zones based on the information you input when you first register it. You’re never left wondering!


MyZone goes much further than just percent of your max heart rate too. It’s actually fun to use!

MyZone uses points, called MEPs, which stands for MyZone Effort Points. Based on what zone you’re in, you earn a different amount of points.

You may have noticed that the yellow and red zones are the same amount of points. That’s because while getting up into the red zone is good, we don’t want to stay there for our whole workout - hello burnout!

MEPs are a fun way to challenge friends (or yourself!), and you can even “level up” by hitting the MEP goal for months in a row! This adds a game-like element to training that’s pretty addicting.

Better Goals

After every workout, MyZone sends you a recap email so you can see what your intensity was throughout your workout. You’ll see how many MEPs you earned, among several other stats. It’s a cool way to see what you did, and, in terms of progressing, it helps you set your goal for your next workout! Maybe on your 30-minute run, you earned 90 MEPs and you were mostly steady in the green zone. Next time, try to add in a burst where you try to get into the yellow zone for 3 minutes. You’ll earn more MEPs, and you’ll really start seeing gains in strength & stamina.

Accountability & Encouragement

MyZone is very community-oriented. When you download its app, you can connect with friends, see their workouts, and conveniently share yours on your phone. You can encourage or challenge your friends from there, too!

We’re also able to offer challenges to help keep you going, like our MyZone March Madness! These are competitions to see who can get the most MEPs in a given time-period. This challenge is members-only and runs in March. There is a $20 buy-in, which goes into a pot. The winner of the challenge gets half the pot for themselves, and designates the other half to a non-profit/charity of their choosing!

Members, if you don’t have a MyZone but would like one, we have a special deal for you in March!

Not yet a member? Join in March and get a FREE MyZone!

Be sure to take advantage of this month’s special by calling (360) 733-5050 or visiting the front desk!

I hope this sheds some light on what MyZone is and why BTTC chose it over other heart rate systems for our official Club tracker. It’s a great tool to use and adds an extra element of fun to your training!