April Fitness Tip: Planning is the key to fitness success!

Knowing things is great! But actually doing them is where you’ll see results.

Whether you’re working with a trainer to create a workout for you to do on your own, or reading our newsletter to get some ideas on how to best prep for your Ski to Sea leg, it’s great to accumulate a variety of movements to incorporate into your routine.

The power lies in doing them.

As you continue working with your trainer, going to classes, and gleaning helpful tips from the blog & newsletters, try planning when you’re going to incorporate what you’re learning so that you start to make progress!

My challenge to you this month: open up your calendar and write in the next 8 workout sessions, or when you plan to work on each of the new exercises you’ve learned recently. This greatly increases the odds that you will do them, and then reap all the benefits!