Elizabeth helps prepare for the Ski Leg of Ski to Sea with Former Ski Instructor and Racer Thierry Werderits

Cross training is beneficial for enhancing your performance and reducing your risk of injury in all sports, so it’s a good idea to incorporate gym work into your training for the Ski to Sea race!

As I was preparing a list of great exercises for skiers, I consulted with my friend (and former cycle and TRX instructor here at the club!) Thierry Werderits. Thierry is a former ski instructor and racer – here are some of Thierry’s favorite exercises for preparing for skiing:

1. Warm up on the treadmill on a hill setting, to prepare for the uphill trudge! A great training tool at the Club is the sled in the Zone (don’t forget your MyZone monitor--try to get into the yellow zone for a couple of minutes!)

2. TRX one-leg squats (activation for glutes, plus working balance) Try 10-12 on each side.

• Hold on to the TRX handles, raise one leg off the ground

• Sit your hips back, pressing into your heel (keep your toes down!) and feel your glutes working

• Press yourself back up to standing

3. Medicine ball slams: front and side to side--great for shoulders and core. Go for 30-45 seconds.

• Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width

• Raise the ball overhead, then throw it against the floor

• Sit back as you slam down

4. Mountain climbers (try them on TRX--toes in straps, plank position). 20-30 seconds.

• Hand on the floor

• Either bring one knee up towards your chest at a time or try to get your foot up toward the outside of your hand (choose one depending on your mobility)

• Quickly alternate legs as if you were running (or climbing a mountain)

5. Weighted box or bench step ups--15-20 right leg leading, 15-20 left.

• Hold a dumbbell in each hand

• One foot on the box, press in to your heel and feel your glutes start to work

• Stand up onto the box, focusing on glutes really working

• Keep shoulders down and core tight

• When you step down, leave your foot up on the box

After your warm up, try to repeat exercises 2-5 three times and end with a whole body stretch, paying special attention to your quads (front of thighs), hips (figure 4 stretch is great) and hamstrings (backs of legs).

Have fun with the ski portion of Sea to Ski! If you’re doing the “downhill” ski portion, be prepared for an uphill trudge. You’ve got this!!