Three Bike Workouts for Ski to Sea

This is the first year I’ve done Ski to Sea, and I wanted to share three workouts that I'm using to prepare for the race that you too can use. I’ll briefly explain both of them:

1. Steady state: Find a flat, to slightly inclined road with no stop signs or stop lights. Put your bike on the biggest gear you can maintain consistently, at the same cadence. You’ll ride this for 2-5 minutes. Then easy spin for 2-5 minutes. Repeat 3-6 times. You can also do this on an indoor bike, just make sure you maintain your consistent and steady cadence in the indoor bike.

2. Hill repeats: If you’re riding outdoors, find a moderate to steep hill that will take you 2-5 minutes to climb. Try to stay seated as long as possible as you go up the hill before standing. When you get to the top, turn around, and recover on the way down the hill with an easy spin. Repeat for 3-6 repetitions. To do this on an indoor bike, start on a medium tension, and increase tension every 30 seconds for the duration of the simulated hill climb.

3. Core exercises: The most important part of riding is your core. You should do a few core exercises every day. One that I think is important for this kind of training is the Dead Bug. Lie on your back and put your arms and legs up towards the ceiling. Tighten your abs and as you exhale, extend opposite arm and opposite leg towards the ground. Slowly bring them back up towards the ceiling. Do two sets of 10.

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I hope this helps with your training. Good luck!