Five Ways Indoor Training Helps Outdoor Adventuring

With the weather warming up, people are heading outside to participate in all the outdoor fun! Hiking the Chuckanuts, mountain biking Galbraith, paddle boarding or kayaking at Lake Whatcom, running along the boardwalk (without frozen fingers), and flocking to Boulevard park are just a few of the favorite pastimes of Bellinghamsters this time of year, not to mention Ski to Sea!

This month, Tyler shares five reasons why continuing your training plan indoors can make your outdoor adventure much more enjoyable!

1. You’ll Be Stronger

Strength is important whether you’re hiking, biking, kayaking, or doing anything else. When you’re stronger, you can develop more force with your muscles, which makes everything easier, from going up hills to getting up if you slip and fall off your paddleboard into the water. The stronger you are, the less daunting those tasks will be, so you can focus on having fun with friends and family!

Not only will you enjoy the activity more, but you’ll be able to overcome any slip-ups with greater ease.

2. You’ll Be Faster

You’re on the field, in the middle of a soccer game, your teammate passes you the ball, but your opponent intercepts it and starts running it towards the goal. Despite his head start, you catch up to him, tackle, and get the ball back.

How did you do that? That guy had such a head start! The difference? You kept up with your training.

When you train, you not only get stronger, but you become more powerful as well. This results in being able to do movement faster. We can also tailor your training to emphasize this as well!

By training in the gym, you will become more powerful, leading you to be faster, and able to keep up with the kids or overtake your opponents.

3. You’ll Decrease Your Risk for Injury

By increasing your strength and learning how to do different movements under load correctly, several things will happen to help decrease your risk for injury. We’ll touch on two:

By doing movements correctly, you’ll start using the right muscles, which will take any extra load off of the muscles that aren’t meant to be the prime movers of that movement. Let’s take hiking as an example: if you’re going uphill and your knees cave in with each step, that’s a recipe for knee pain; but, if in the gym you learn how to do a proper step up, engaging your glutes, core, and even feet during the movement and learn what it feels like to keep your knee out as you step up, you can dramatically reduce your risk for injury.

By using the correct muscles and strengthening different movement patterns, you’ll also stabilize your joints. Let’s use the same example as above: by strengthening your glutes, core, feet, quads, and hamstrings, we can stabilize your knees and low back to reduce your risk of injury (and potentially eliminate the pain you’re feeling too!)

Training indoors works to stave off injuries to keep you outdoors pain-free so you can enjoy your favorite activities for years to come!

4. You’ll Increase Your Coordination

Through training in the gym and focusing on really activating the right muscles, you’ll be better able to control them when you go to do other activities. For example, when kayaking, your latissimus dorsi, trapezius, biceps, triceps, and rotator cuff muscles are all working together to do a pulling motion. By doing different exercises in the gym well, you’ll get more in touch with your latissimus dorsi and middle and lower trapezius muscles so that you don’t just overuse your biceps. This has a huge injury prevention component to it – and it’s due to becoming better coordinated with different movement patterns.

By becoming stronger and using the right muscles during your time in the gym, you’ll learn things faster and feel better during them.

5. You’ll Overall Perform Better

All of this culminates in this last point. You will perform better in everything you do, whatever the activity, by keeping up with your training in the gym. It makes activities easier, you’ll feel great, and you can just focus on having fun or competing hard instead of worrying about how daunting something looks or about getting an injury.

Overall, by keeping up with your indoor training, you will enjoy your outdoor adventure so much more.