Tennis Etiquette Refresher


Tennis can be a very emotional sport. It can bring out the best and the worst of us during the heat of battle. We have seen the fiery temper of McEnroe and Serena and the calm nature of Roger and Chris Evert in their epic battles on the court. We enjoy watching both of these approaches to the competition but we really only admire the grace and composure of the champion that wins and loses with grace. The behavior of Roger and Rafa for the past 20 years have been great examples for our youth to observe on how to win and lose with dignity. With this in mind, I have just a few suggestion, observations, and actual rules that can make our times on the court fun and satisfying for all.

  • While playing please be respectful of all the people on the courts. It goes without saying that swearing, racket throwing, and loud outbursts are not the behavior we need to display to our fellow members. It also doesn’t really help your game

  • When a ball rolls on to your court from another court it is common courtesy to stop your point and replay the point. This is a safety issue as well as common sense.

  • When returning the other courts ball make sure the players on the court you are returning it to are aware that you are giving the ball back to them (don’t just whack it back ) they may be in the middle of a point and this could become a safety issue

  • Please clean up any towels, tissues, balls cans that you brought out with you before you leave the court. The people playing next do not want to have to pick up your mess.  

  • Please only bring water or a container that won’t spill onto the courts. We have way too many coffee stains on the courts!

  • When it is time to change courts, walk out when it is your time and allow the people to finish a point if it is in play. Don’t just storm out into the court while there is a live point going on, this could cause an accident

  • Ball Machine Etiquette:

  1. Always clean up all the balls and sweep up the fuzz around the machine by the end of your session. The people after you deserve to have the whole 75 minutes of court time they signed up for.

  2. Please put back the machine and clean up any balls behind the curtain in the timely manner

  3. Make sure you return the remote after your session

  4. Please don’t drop the remote. These are expensive and if handled carefully they will last a long time

Thanks for respecting the rules and remember, you are here to have fun, get a workout, and leave feeling better than when you entered through the doors.