Behind Every Great Athlete is a Great Trainer

Rhod Kelly BS, CPT

Rhod Kelly


It has been said that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.  Many of the greatest athletes in the world achieve their success not by supernatural talent, but by the degree of hard work put in to achieve peak fitness performance.  Their fitness coaches guide them there by providing program design, accountability, and motivation.  Whether it is your first time in the gym or you are a seasoned veteran, working with a trainer is one of the best calls you can make.  We are dedicated to help you learn new exercises, make and update workout plans, maintain intensity and proper technique, and stay committed to your fitness.  The benefits seem obvious for the exercise beginner who has no idea where to start in the gym, but even the most advanced fitness expert prospers from the outside perspective and motivation that a trainer provides.            

Here at BTTC there are two ways to go about working with a trainer.  Personal training provides one-on-one attention to develop a workout plan and make sure each and every exercise is done perfectly.  Large group training gives you the motivation and encouragement to give your best effort while still providing the coaching and cueing of a personal session.  We take care of the planning to make sure that the workouts are effective and at your appropriate level of progression.            

One of the biggest benefits of working with a trainer is reducing your risk of injury.  Strength training is amazing for your health but done wrong you can end up hurting yourself.  A trainer makes sure that you maintain proper form for each exercise and know how to avoid dangerous scenarios.  You may think you are doing something perfectly, but it is hard to tell from your own perspective.  A mirror can only help so much to check your form.  Ask a trainer periodically to check your exercise form just to be sure you are getting the most out of it and staying safe.   

Staying motivated, engaged, and committed to your personal fitness can be challenging.  Most people get excited for a couple weeks about getting fit or achieving a new goal but fizzle out before any real progress is made.  Working with a trainer means that you have someone in your corner rooting for you and encouraging you the whole way through.  Need a plan designed just for you and your specific needs? We will do that!  A trainer also helps you to better understand and appreciate the why behind your effort in the gym so that you feel more in tune with your body and confident during your time training on your own. We provide accountability and structure to keep you thriving and constantly reaching new heights.   

If you haven’t worked with one of our trainers or participated in large group training, give it a try. You will experience real results.  We are committed to help you achieve your best health!