Matthew Iwersen USPTA Certified Elite Professional USPTA Certified Tester

Matthew Iwersen
USPTA Certified Elite Professional
USPTA Certified Tester


The word this month is Commitment. Every day we have to deal with our job, family, and the general public which often caries some form of commitment to get through each day. We often make a commitment to ourselves to work out more, eat better, read more, or even relax more. Some commitments are in the realm of responsibilities that come with life and others we choose to devote our time and energy towards. Each area of commitment usually requires some dedication for the commitments to be seen through. So if you say you are committed to something, be prepared to work hard and be patient and have an achievable goal.

Here are some bullet points for what commitment means to me:

  • The promise to do your best everyday
  • The duty to get things done at work and home
  • The dedication to make every day a day well spent
  • Pledge to accept and make the best out of any changes that come my way
  • Have the faith in our daily commitments so that if you persevere in some commitments the outcome will be worth it.

With the Club making improvements every year I feel a great commitment to make sure that I also make improvements in my performance every year. With that in mind I want to ask you to share any ideas or suggestions you might have to make the club experience even better. We are very keen on making this little club the best little club in the West.

Remember Summer Camps and Clinics are not far away. Get your kid's or grand kids registered before they fill up.