Matthew Iwersen USPTA Certified Elite Professional USPTA Certified Tester

Matthew Iwersen
USPTA Certified Elite Professional
USPTA Certified Tester


This month’s word is Gratitude. I think in these colder, darker, winter days we can certainly forget to smile and dwell on the negative.

I know that sometimes this season does have some serious emotional and mental health effects so if there is anything within our own power to brighten up a day we should seek that out.

Playing tennis and/or working out regularly is something we are all invested in so we do not give into the dreariness of the weather that surrounds us. Which brings me to my word, Gratitude.

I am grateful that I am able to still play and teach tennis on a daily basis. I believe that even when I wake up and slowly warm up my creaky joints that by the end of the day I will have battled off the gloominess of winter and not only made my day great but hopefully made someone else’s day a bit more pleasant.

So here is my list for February:
· I will make the effort every day to first smile about the day ahead.
· I will tell someone each day how Thankful I am for them to be part of my life.
· I will show gratitude to as many of you as I can for being part of BTTC.
· I will appreciate how lucky I am for my family, friends, and my work.
· It is the month of Valentine’s Day and I am certainly appreciative of all the love I have for my family and friends.
· That once again knowing that “Every Day is Great Day”.

The more we smile and the more we recognize the good things in our life, we should be grateful for the better our days will be. Go out and have a great day today!