What Makes IGNITE So Special? Our 6 Strategies That Lead To Believable Results

The IGNITE Method: Our Secret Strategies To Achieve the Body of Your Dreams

There are more than 36,000 fitness facilities in the United States, and nearly all of them offer short-term fitness challenges that claim to transform your body and change your life (sounds familiar, right?).

From household names like 24 Hour Fitness and Planet Fitness to local studios, community centers, and privately-owned clubs, everyone is battling for the fitness dollar with a similar pledge of fantastic results.  

With so many of us claiming the same thing, you’re probably wondering: Who can actually change my life? What sets one challenge or club apart from the others? Who can I trust to finally get me over this health-related hump? Who’s in it for the relationships and results more than the financial gain?

The truth is you’re attempting to navigate a plethora of options to find the right people and place to trust with your goals. Rather than leave you with a promotion message lacking transparency, we’ve decided to reveal exactly what makes our IGNITE program so special and effective.

Sure, we run the risk of our competitors attempting to snatch our strategies … but we’re certain no one else can replicate what we’re doing both with IGNITE and at our homebase, Bellingham Training and Tennis Club.

Considering IGNITE? This blog will leave you convinced...

The IGNITE Method: Our Secret Strategies to Incredible Results

Keep scrolling as we reveal the six secret strategies that have helped our challengers achieve eye-popping and life-changing results.

IGNITE Secret Strategy 1:  Healthy Habits Assessment + Private Consultation

We want to understand your biggest concerns and be able to guide you in the right direction so that you get the most out of your time with IGNITE.  

Not all group training sessions are for everyone - we don’t want you to jump in to a level that is too much too soon which could lead to an injury. (we see this all the time from other facilities).

We offer a variety of training at different levels so that you’ll start at the right place.  Will it be challenging? For sure! But in the right dose.

That’s why you’ll start this IGNITE Your Body Challenge by completing the Healthy Habits Assessment and meet with your trainer before the program begins.

IGNITE Secret Strategy 2:  Blast-Off Orientation Teaches the Skills you Need

We like to have a party, and we start it off with our Blast-Off Orientation on the Saturday that your IGNITE challenge begins.

What is this all about?  We want to make sure you know how to use the equipment in the ZONE group training area. No more worrying that you won’t know how to do it right.  We’ll make sure you feel confident and ready to go.

You’ll get hands on practice:

  • TRX:  learn how to adjust and use the TRX suspension trainer along with the lingo we use while instructing so you’ll know exactly what to do.

  • ROWING:  Finally learn good rowing technique to protect your back and get the most power out of every stroke

  • BIKE FIT:  You’ll get a one-on-one bike fit during your private consultation and have a chance to adjust the bike on your own and ride

  • Other “TOYS”:  you’ll get a chance to try out a variety of our other tools and equipment that you’ll experience in our group training sessions


PLUS you’ll get your questions answered:

  • What is the expectation for weight loss?

  • What is the nutrition program all about?

  • How do I sign up for group training sessions?

  • What are the Monday Night meetings all about?

  • (and any other question you may have…)

IGNITE Secret Strategy 3: Daily Journaling

You’re probably thinking of a food journal (which is important), but we take things much further. Rather than just recording your food, you’ll also be working on a mindset shift to aid your weight-loss efforts, gratitude journaling to enhance your appreciation, and reflection time to set life-changing intentions that will continue to propel you to — and through — your goals. So yeah, our IGNITE journal covers more than just calories :).

5 Surprising Benefits of IGNITE Daily Journaling:

  • Creates instant accountability.

  • Pinpoints nutrition deficiencies.

  • Creates a mindset of gratitude.

  • Reiterates daily wins.

  • Sets life-changing intentions.

IGNITE Secret Strategy 4: The IGNITE Your Body Nutrition Guide

You know it even before I say it...what you eat can — and will — make or break your results. Our IGNITE Your Nutrition Guide serves as a comprehensive crash course on nutrition, teaching you how to eat healthy so you can transform food into rocket fuel that will ramp up your energy, blast stubborn body fat, and allow you to take full control of your health.

We’ve synthesized a plethora of proven information from experts and studies to provide you evidence-based strategies, recipes, and tips for fueling your body so you can look, feel, and perform your absolute best.  No crazy diets. No eliminations. This is a simple strategy for great results that you can use for the rest of your life

5 Unique Components of the IGNITE Your Nutrition Guide:

  • Easy-to-follow strategies, instead of extreme diets.

  • Comprehensive meal plans and recipes to make eating healthy easy.

  • Weekly grocery lists to make shopping effortless.

  • Our Fix Your Fuel Cheat Sheet: 15 proven ways to fill your body with rocket fuel.

  • Knowledge and expertise to save you time, money, and overwhelm.

Plus, you can take advantage of a special IGNITE Nutrition Kit that includes our favored protein and vitamin supplements, blender bottle, cute tote :-), printed IGNITE Nutrition Guide and a 30- minute Healthy Formula consultation - all for a huge discount and only available to our IGNITE members.

IGNITE Secret Strategy 5: IGNITE Exercise Options

Have you popped into one of our renowned group training sessions s yet? With 35+ options per week, it’s a guarantee we’ll have something you love … and at a time that works for your busy schedule. That said, the energy and atmosphere of our club is best experienced in person. Tack on group training and personal training options, as well as open gym, and we’ve got plenty of ways to make sure you’re truly enjoying being active.

Stay Active the IGNITE Way:

  • Unlimited Open Gym access.

  • 35+ group training sessions per week.

  • High-energy atmosphere.

  • Expert coaches and trainers.

  • Clean, brand-new, world-class equipment and facilities.

IGNITE Secret Strategy 6: Unmatched Accountability and Social Support

Your hard work at the club will only get you so far. Far too many fitness professionals overlook the value of accountability. Good news: We’ll hold you accountable at and away from the gym. If you’ve tried other challenges and didn’t get the results you want, it’s likely because you made poor decisions away from your coaches. We’ll help put a stop to that real quick.

What IGNITE Accountability Looks Like:

  • Weekly accountability sessions.

  • One-on-one time with coaches.

  • Weekly weigh-ins and body measurements.

  • Coaching and advice from experts.

  • The frequent check-ins you need to make healthy decisions.

Not every facility can claim to have a supportive community, but we sure can. Our members, and your fellow challengers, are a welcoming bunch who treat everyone like family. We celebrate each other's successes with high fives and fist bumps, we choose to get together for fun events on our own time, and we always motivate, inspire, and lift up every individual who wants to be a part of our community. Social support  is a non-negotiable part of the IGNITE culture :).

5 Pillars of IGNITE Social Support:

  • A warm, friendly, and welcoming community.

  • A high-energy atmosphere that pushes you to give your best effort.

  • A motivating environment filled with fantastic people.

  • Like-minded challengers dealing with the same struggles as you.

  • Positive and empowering coaches who will give you everything they have.

Our promise to you is increased daily energy, toned, lean muscles, reduced body fat, renewed self-confidence, and results you can be proud of measured in pounds, inches, and complements. Toss in an energetic atmosphere, consistent accountability, and a supportive group, and we’re certain IGNITE is right for you :)


We decided that all of the above was not quite enough.  

So we added the IGNITE MEMBER ZONE - an online membership site where you’ll have 7 Action Steps and daily “BIG THOUGHTS” to help you avoid pitfalls, leap over roadblocks, and get your mind right for this amazing transition you are about to make.

We’ll send you daily emails with an inspirational quote :-) and special bonuses too.

It’s all done in short snippets so there is just a little bit each day and you won’t be overwhelmed by too much info.

AND THAT is this very special IGNITE Your Body program for you.  Want to make that change you’ve been longing for? Join IGNITE today — we’re filling up fast..

See you soon!