Indoor Training for Outdoor Success

Matt Vann Les Mills RPM certified instructor

Matt Vann
Les Mills RPM certified instructor

In past years I have taken the winter off-season as just that: an off season.

I don't do much riding during the winter because of the weather, shorter daylight hours, the weather, the cold temperatures, and then there is the weather. I would do indoor cycling classes to keep my body moving and use the time as a base phase of my training. 

Well, this past off-season I decided to try something different. Spoiler worked!

Right after my first Ironman attempt (didn't finish due to a stomach issue on the bike), I decided it was time to change things up a bit.

The plan was to take a little time off then hit the training hard with a building phase during the off-season. After taking the down time I started my new weekly training schedule: 2 BTTC strength classes, 3-4 cycling classes in the RIDE cycle studio, 2-3 treadmill runs, and 1-2 swimming sessions in the pool. I also didn't just use those classes and sessions to maintain my level of fitness, I pushed myself each time. During 2 months of the strength classes I skipped them and did personal training sessions with one of our talented personal trainers.

You might be asking me now, what were the results of this building off-season? 

Well I started my outdoor cycling season later than most of the people I normally train with. On the first outdoor ride I was able to keep up with the fast pace (20+ mph average) around Lake Samish, something that in past years I would not have been able to do until mid-riding season!

I have also noticed that I have been faster and stronger than ever on the few road rides that I have done this year. I am going into my big race of this year, Lake Padden Triathlon, with less than 10 outdoor rides and knowing that the swim and bike leg of the race are going to be great; the run...... well running has never been a strength of mine.