Life Can be Simpler Than Anticipated

Kendyl Comiskey BS, CPT

Kendyl Comiskey

Be honest: how often do you complicate things?

Not in the sense of causing stress on others, but in the sense of mustering up a big ball of stress in your own head because you just can't land on that perfect...something.

Do you know what I mean? Yes? Maybe? Well, I will digress slightly.

With my mind wrapped around graduating from Western in 2 short weeks (mini cheer section goes wild), I find myself complicating EVERYTHING. Maybe it's because I am growing more scatterbrained due to not following the same 6-hour campus routine that I have adjusted to over the last 4 years, or maybe it's because I am growing nervous about what life will be like post-college. Maybe it's the stress of the two combined. Either way, I have undeniably spent more time searching for that feeling of contentment in tasks as simple as what to write about for this article.

After 4 years of learning the most interesting information about exercise, you would think that I would have an immediate topic to write about. It turns out, the more you learn, the harder it is to pick just ONE thing! I had so much writer's block that I turned to our awesome and wise front desk manager, Michelle, for help. I asked her, "what's something that YOU would want to read about in a newsletter?"

Her reply was so simple and quick, it was as if she had been preparing to answer it all day: "Honestly, I would like to read about you."

My initial response was "yeah right", but then I let the idea sink in. I started reminiscing about my studies over the last 4 years, my journey here at the Bellingham Training and Tennis Club, and how this entire article idea ended up being MUCH simpler than I had anticipated.

Life is like that sometimes; much simpler than anticipated. Isn't that a nice reminder?

A few of those reading may have been witness to my debut as the fitness intern who followed Tyler around while he trained clients. For an even fewer amount of those reading, you might have been one of those clients! So, thank-you for allowing me to hang around your workouts and take notes! Being able to experience writing classes, exercises, and apply the in-class material to real-world scenarios was what helped me fulfill the 180 internship hours that are required in the Kinesiology program. This gives students an opportunity to connect with health and fitness businesses in the community while fine-tuning skills learned in respective classes - I was fortunate enough to complete not one, but two internships at the BEST club in Bellingham!

The intrinsic enjoyment from hands-on learning combined with the excitement of a gym remodel sold me on the idea of wanting to spend more time here, so when I was offered a part-time job to work at the front desk and instruct fitness classes, I happily accepted.

Over the summer, I grew familiar with tennis members who I had not met during my internship and experienced what it was like to instruct fitness classes on my own. Again, I felt incredibly lucky to be gaining experience that directly applied to my major while growing to know all the members who make-up this incredible club. I mean it when I say this: I have met some of the best individuals that Bellingham has to offer thanks to BTTC, and I will treasure that opportunity beyond what words can express.

Fast forward to present day, where I am 2 weeks and 1 final exam away from graduating with a Kinesiology degree. Not only do I feel proud of the academic success that I have earned, but I also feel proud knowing that I have a full-time job waiting for me once I am graduated (debatably the single greatest feeling that a college student can have). Thinking back to when I started as an intern who was unaware of the fruitful opportunities that would be presented, let alone the offer of a job post-college, I can't help but acknowledge how perfectly everything worked out. It brings me back to the notion that life is sometimes much simpler than anticipated.

Sometimes I feel like my own growth is mirrored by the growth of our fitness floor, considering that the first few weeks that I spent here were exactly when the first remodel took place! Now over a year later, more improvement is on the horizon with the addition of our new large group training facility, which has the potential to bring the gift of health to so many more people - how cool is that!?

As the end of winter rain turns into spring, I am eager to spend more time being a resource for individuals who would like to improve their fitness because it can be complicated! But don't worry - just as Michelle helped me simplify the idea for this article, I can help you simplify a program that fits perfectly into your schedule!