Mindset is Everything

Roxanne Sailors ACE Certified Personal Trainer Fitness Nutrition Specialty Certified Clubbell Athletics Coach Certified Clubbell Yoga Coach Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certified Functional Training Specialist

Roxanne Sailors
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Nutrition Specialty
Certified Clubbell Athletics Coach
Certified Clubbell Yoga Coach
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Functional Training Specialist

An open letter to anyone considering hiring a coach, joining the club or taking a leap in life:

For the last year, I have been enrolled in a rigorous training program to improve my leadership and relationship skills and to empower my life. 

One weekend a month, I would go to San Diego to meet with 11 other participants, 6 mentors and two powerful leaders. On June 11th, I successfully graduated from Accomplishment Coaching’s Ontological Coach training program. It is an experience that has truly transformed my entire life and I am proud and grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and grow in so many ways.

Looking back, I had no idea how I could possibly invest a year (not to mention the financial investment) in learning something new. I knew it could change everything, and that had me feeling really scared, unsure and even a little annoyed! And here I am, a year later, getting ready for more changes with what is next here at the club.

I recently had a conversation with my eldest child about what had me willing to shake up the comfort and security of the life I had created up to that point and make the choice to take on a new challenge. I would like to share with you an excerpt from that conversation:

For myself, I had to get clear that I would rather put myself out there and get more comfortable being uncomfortable in order to grow ... I’ve worked hard to get to where I am with our cute little house at the end of the street, and a job that allows me to feel confident and comfortable.

Why would I risk that?

For me, it’s not even a question of whether I’m worth it, because on any given day I just might feel like I am not. In fact, a lot of days I haven’t felt like I’m worth it. But for me, the thought of taking the leap now to see how I might be able to have more confidence, connect with people deeply as more than a job - as a career; a vocation ... it actually hurt my heart to think that I might turn down that chance because I was scared and didn’t want to give up the comfort that I’ve created. For me, I realized that it’s time to get uncomfortable. And quite frankly, I’m sick of feeling like fear gets to choose all the time. 

I’m not going to stop being afraid. I get that. That’s what this last year has taught me. It’s not going away, but how I choose to relate to my fear is what gives me the power to make a different choice... I just decided I would rather do the work of jumping in than healing the sorrow of walking away.

AND - I have the support of my team and my coach who help me see what is possible when I do get scared or confused or frustrated. I don’t have to do it alone!

And neither do you.

As the Club completes its own transformation, and as we are now putting the finishing touches on a new fitness facility and new training opportunities to offer our members and our community, you might be curious what that will look like and what it means for you. Some of you are maybe reading this and not yet a member, or maybe you are a member but have never taken a class, or maybe you are curious about hiring one of our amazing Personal Trainers to coach you.

Wherever you are at, we are now offering more opportunities for you to get:

- Faster on the tennis court

- Stronger in the ZONE, on the Strong floor or in the Ride studio

- Healthier in one of our Ignite Your Body or Tennis Fit Formula challenges

- Happier by connecting with friends in our gorgeous remodeled lounge

Our entire team is here to support and coach you to whatever is next for you in your fitness journey, and in life - from our front desk staff who is committed to greeting you with a smile, schedule your appointments, check you in for clinics, camps, classes or training, to our professional staff of tennis pros, personal trainers and fitness instructors who are committed to bringing you the best training so you can get faster, stronger, healthier and happier, to our administrative staff that makes sure that behind the scenes we continue to run a business that has a positive impact on our Bellingham community and allows BTTC to be the best part of your day.

I am so excited and eager to see what is next and how I can bring what I have learned to our amazing community here at BTTC.

So, what is next for you? We want to hear from you and we are ready to give you all the support you need so you can “Do Life Better”. See you soon!