MyZone Heart Rate Tracking

Tyler Brown BS, CSCS

Tyler Brown


You know those screens in the fitness area? The ones with the colorful tiles and all the numbers?

Do you know what they’re for?

Here at the Club, we utilize a tool called MyZone to track heart rate and the intensity of your workout.

When someone wears the MyZone belt, their tile will show up on the screen. Along with their nickname, you’ll see the percent of their max heart rate that they’re working at, how many calories they’ve burned, their current heart rate, and how many MEPs they’ve earned.

Percent of max heart rate is important to know because it shows the intensity level that you’re working at. Basically, if my max heart rate was 200 beats per minute, and I was working at 100, then my percent of max heart rate would be 50% (which is low). I want to shoot to be at least at about 70% of my max heart rate. MyZone makes understanding all of this pretty easy too. Depending on your intensity level, your tile will turn different colors:

Resting is White (0-49%).
Very Easy is Gray (50-59%).
Easy is Blue (60-69%).
Moderate is Green (70-79%).
Hard is Yellow (80-89%).
Very Hard is Red (90-100%).
Why is this easy?

Well let’s say you’re doing a cardio workout – you want to be AT LEAST in the green zone.

Or maybe you’re doing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – you want to make sure you get up to the yellow or red zone during your tough intervals and you want to get into the green or blue zone during your recovery intervals.

With weight-training, it just depends on your protocol. Maybe you’re doing heavier sets and taking more rest in between each one to fully recover – in this case you’ll notice your heartrate spike and then come down quickly. Or if you’re doing one exercise after the other with very little to no rest to get in a bit of cardio, you’ll notice your heartrate increase and stay up – in that case, again, shooting to keep it above 70% is a great place to be.

Using the MyZone can also be a fun and competitive way to train. MyZone’s point-system, MEPs, stands for My Effort Points. Depending on your intensity level, you earn a different amount of points per minute:

White = 0 MEPs
Gray = 1 MEP
Blue = 2 MEPs
Green = 3 MEPs
Yellow = 4 MEPs
Red = 4 MEPs

Seeing how many points you can earn in your training session is a fun way to increase intensity!

It’s pretty eye-opening to see what your heart rate is during your training session. Sometimes you think you’re working really hard and your heart rate is pretty low, and vice versa. It’s a great tool to both make sure you’re working hard enough, but also to regulate your intensity (more from Rhod on working hard enough and from Elizabeth on regulating intensity).

If you’re interested in trying one out, we have demo MyZone straps available at the front desk! Give it a try and see how it changes your workout!