Perception is Often Different From Reality

Rhod Kelly BS, CPT

Rhod Kelly

It can be a real challenge to gauge how hard you are working in the gym.  A lot of times we think that as long as you do all of the time or repetitions for that day that you made the most of the workout.  The truth is that you could do the exact same workout and have a huge range of calories burned and cardiovascular development depending on how hard you pushed yourself.  Getting to the right intensity is key to an awesome workout!

The easiest way you can do this is by the MyZone heart rate monitor.  It will automatically calculate the zone you are training in and give you quick visual feedback on the monitors in the fitness area.  It also communicates with the cardio equipment in the fitness area so you won’t have to hold onto the metal handles to get that feedback. 

I have found using the MyZone extremely eye-opening.  Sometimes I thought I was working pretty hard but my heart rate was still down in the blue zone.  It showed me that I was actually taking it easy on myself.  It is amazing how our perception of what we are doing can be completely different from what is really going on.  Once I had the feedback that my heart rate wasn’t getting to the zones I wanted, I could adjust my pace and resistance to make it go up.  Whenever I exercise with the MyZone on I find myself working harder than I do when I don’t have it on and I have been feeling great because of it.

You can do the same thing to see huge improvement in your workouts.  Take a routine you normally do and see what zones you fall in.  If you are stuck in the blue like I was then let that motivate you to go harder.  Similarly, if you are always training in the green zone (which is good), but never get into the yellow or red, you should try some short intervals that are more difficult to get into those higher zones.  You want your time in the gym to be worth it and this is the perfect way to know you are giving enough effort to get results.