Spring Renewal

Robin Robertson Certified ACE Personal Trainer Functional Aging Specialist USA Cycling Coach

Robin Robertson
Certified ACE Personal Trainer
Functional Aging Specialist
USA Cycling Coach


Growth.  Fresh.  Spring Renewal.

I feel like I need a little renewal, how about you?

A little freshening up…

I want that feeling of being lighter on my feet.  Leaner and ready to go.  Ready for ADVENTURE! 

Yes, yes, I DO have a new KNEE (now almost 5 months ago!), but that’s not the kind of renewal I’m talking about.   I feel like the rest of me needs to be renewed.  Maybe it’s because my knee is feeling so good now (no pain!) that the rest of my body feels frumpy. 

Do you ever feel like that? 

Sluggish?  Heavier than you want to be?  Clothes not fitting well?  Yep, I’m there. 

It happens even to fitness professionals.

  1. I put on some (let’s call it) “recovery pounds”.
  2. My eating habits have gotten sloppy.
  3. My sleep habits are poor.
  4. I’ve indulged in a few more cocktails than I know are good for me and they have made me feel slothful.
  5. Worst of all, I haven’t made my own training a priority, it’s not on my schedule, and so I’ve been erratic.

ENOUGH!  THAT’S IT!  It’s time to get back on track.

I hope you’ll join me in making April our Body Renewal Month.  It’s time to set some goals.  I’ll share mine with you (that helps me stay accountable too) and I hope you’ll share yours with me (don’t worry, I won’t post them or anything).  Or at least share them with a friend and hold each other accountable.  I put together an APRIL BODY RENEWAL GOALS WORKSHEET for you so you can set your own goals.  Let’s buckle down and commit 30 days to getting our bodies back on track. Access the worksheet HERE.

You can use this list – I added my goals to give you an idea of how to add your own!  It is so important to stay up on your own health.  Letting things slide with the gain of a few pounds and bad habits can lead to more…  It’s time to stop that slippery slope and regain good health.  I mention a couple of products because I use them and I love them and I’d feel bad if you didn’t know about them too.  Look forward to May’s newsletter to see my “Before” and “After” results – and I’d love to share your successes too. 

  1. Body Weight/Body Fat:  lose 5% body fat (and 5 lbs).  (Body fat analysis can be a part of your personal training session if you like – just ask!  It only takes a few minutes).
  2. Eating Habits:  Food fuels you and me!  Focus on fresh veggies, fresh fruit, less packaged/processed food.  Salads for lunch!   I’ll drink one Keto//OS every afternoon to help with energy level, fat burning, and reducing joint inflammation (We sell these Ketone drinks in a 5-day “experience” pack – Click HERE for more information)
  3. Sleep:  Wake at 5am; lights out at 9:30pm (Goal 7 hours sleep per night – sleep is an important time to rejuvenate).  Getting 7+ hours sleep is sometimes a challenge when I teach a class early or late.
  4. Alcohol & Beverages: None until I reach my body fat and weight goals.  I feel like I need to clean this up this bad habit with a total purge.  After I reach my goals then I’ll approach alcohol like a special treat and indulge only on the weekend (as long as I’ve done my workouts!)  Drink more water with lemon.  Be consistent with electrolyte supplement in my water bottle for workouts (I love the Hammer Fizz tablets to add to your water. We sell single tablets and tubes of 13 so you can give it a try.  If you tend to get muscle cramps – like I do – you definitely need to try Hammer Fizz.)
  5. Training Time: Schedule it!  Allow time for strength, cardio, and recovery.  If you haven’t had a regular schedule for strength and cardio, I recommend starting with 2 + 2 per week (2 strength + 2 cardio).  Cardio can definitely include tennis – as long as you get your heart rate up!  As Matt would say “move your feet!.” 

Here is what my schedule will look like:

o   Strength: Goal to gain strength in my legs, continue rehabbing my shoulder (an old injury), and generally “firm up” and get stronger for all things in life.  Schedule: 3X strength per week (1X 60 min Personal Training with Rhod + 2 with our “STRONG” classes or on my own).

o   Cardio: Goal to increase strength and stamina on the bike to get ready for our bike trip this summer.  Schedule: Cycle 3-4X per week; MYZONE Goal = 4,500 MEPs in April.

(Through April, Trainer Rhod Kelly is offering the “Strong Start Training Package” that includes 1 60-minute plus 3 30-minute training sessions for only $127 YOU SAVE 108! 
This is a fantastic way to get started or change up a stale routine.  Let Rhod help you build lean muscle too! Check out the info HERE)

o   Recovery: Goal to reduce muscle/fascia aches, increase flexibility, and continue to work toward a knee bend range of motion of 135 degrees.  Schedule: 1X Daily (while coffee brews) do morning stretch routine (check it out on the video below); 3X Daily work on knee ROM, 3X weekly (after strength training) foam roll & trigger point. In April, when you purchase one of our foam rollers, you’ll get a FREE 15-minute session with a personal trainer to learn how best to use it.